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Refining GI2MO: Towards a data-model for current and future Idea-Management Systems


  • Basic knowledge in data modeling
  • Basic knowledge in semantic web technologies
  • Databases
Academic Advisor
Semantic Technologies, Data Modeling
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)



Transferring research results into marketable products represents a key feature in innovation-driven economies. Thus, various research organizations collaborate in order to bridge the gap between ideas and markets. In the context of this collaboration, a software-supported process model will be build which starts from a new research and generates a commercialization options based on ideas provided by diverse users. One key aspect is the capturing and management of ideas in the software system.


Current data standards for idea management systems are outdated and don't fit well into the requirements of modern idea management systems.


Carry out a requirement analysis of needed adaptions of existing standard models of idea management (such as gi2mo) and determine the feasibility of proposed extensions of the standard model (esp. from Westerski et al.).


  • Read the papers provided
  • Understand the data model of gi2mo
  • Identify shortcomings of gi2mo in respect to the challenges found in Inie, Dalsgaard and Dow 2018
  • Propose an adapted version of gi2mo
  • Propose the design of a Web Service + RESTful API that acts as the database for the new data model
  • Give example cases for every proposed adaption to act as a feasibility study.



Westerski, Adam, Theodore Dalamagas, and Carlos A. Iglesias. "Classifying and comparing community innovation in Idea Management Systems." Decision Support Systems 54.3 (2013): 1316-1326.

Riedl, Christoph, et al. "An idea ontology for innovation management." Semantic Services, Interoperability and Web Applications: Emerging Concepts. IGI Global, 2011. 303-321.

Inie, Nanna, Peter Dalsgaard, and Steven Dow. "Designing Idea Management Tools: Three Challenges." Proceedings of Drs 2018 International Conference. Design Research Society, 2018.