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Anil Sahintürk:

Design, Implementation And Evaluation Of An E-Learning Platform For Students And Teachers With The Human Centered Design Process


  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS
  • Understanding of the Human-Centred Design process
  • E-Learning Success Model
Interaction Design, E-Learning, Human Computer Interaction
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)



E-Learning platforms influence the user experience [1]. If this experience is not perceived as satisfying, the user may abandon the e-learning system prematurely [2]. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic educational institutions and companies switched from a physical to a digital space [3]. In general, it is expected from a e-learning system to support the educational content that the institution is providing. Thus, the system shall enhance the experience, by fulfilling the user’s needs.


The article “Evaluating E-Learning Systems Success” proposes a model for constructing a successful e-learning system. While they propose a theoretical model for e-learning systems, they do not explain how to design and implement one. Because E-learning systems have different users with different needs, a human-centred design approach is adopted to develop a system that is focused on the user experience.


The goal is to design and implement a functioning prototype for a e-learning platform for students and teachers with the human-centered design process.


  • Literature review on e-learning
  • Data gathering from the different user types
  • Designing the different user interfaces with Figma
  • Implementing the Figma prototypes into a holistic prototype with HTML, CSS, and ReactJS


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[2] H. Al-Samarraie, B. K. Teng, A. Alzahrani, and N. Alalwan. E-learning continuance satisfaction in higher education: a unified perspective from instructors and students. Studies in Higher Education, 43, 2018.

[3] Alqahtani, Ammar Y. and Albraa A. Rajkhan. “E-Learning Critical Success Factors during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Comprehensive Analysis of E-Learning Managerial Perspectives.” Education Sciences 10 (2020): 216.