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Human-Centered Computing

The Human-Centered Computing (HCC) research group at the Institute of Computer Science at Freie Universität Berlin is an interdisciplinary team that engages in research and teaching in the areas of collaborative computing and human-computer interaction (HCI)

Technology should complement and support humans in their decision making, but not replace them. Based on this premise, we explore technologies that we understand as sociotechnical systems embedded in specific contexts of use. We therefore primarily investigate the interrelationships and entanglements of data, algorithms, people, social context, and environment. Our goal is to contribute to the responsible design and development of value-driven, socially-oriented, and sustainable technology.

Our current focus is on machine learning technologies that we contextualize in terms of privacy, reflection, and interpretability. Our theory-driven research includes both an empirical and an engineering dimension. Our methodological approaches are based on human-centered, participatory design. 

Part of the research group is the HCC Data Lab, where we open our research methods to other scholars and civil society through interdisciplinary, participatory workshops. 

The HCC research group is committed to open source software, open science and free access to knowledge.

Head of the group: Prof. Dr. Claudia Müller-Birn