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ProInformatik – the sneak term

Studying Computer Science before entering the first term

During each summer season we offer a number of courses (three to four weeks duration each) targeted to pupils that are about to finish secondary school and who may be interested in studying informatics. The following courses will be given (working language is German):

  • Logics and discrete mathematics
  • Functional programming
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Computer architecture

For details please see our German web pages for ProInformatik.

Each course will finish with a written examination. Successful participants can fully take the achieved points into account for their following informatics study at FU Berlin, thus shortening their overall study time.

The department charges a registration fee of 30 € per participant.


  • Successful participants can reduce their time effort for a future study of informatics by up to one year.

  • Being uncertain about being suitable for studying informatics, this program will allow a simple, practical and timely opportunity to come to a final decision, without the formalities involved when starting a formal study.

  • The typically long time between finishing the A-level exams and starting the study can be used very effectively.

  • Familiarity with the overall study syllabus and conditions, and with typical learning methods in informatics will be developed at an early stage.

  • For participants having achieved more than 13 credit points during ProInformatik a study place at informatics of Freie Universität Berlin is guaranteed.