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Antonios Hazim:

Privacy Visualizations: Introducing an interactive visualization of privacy indicators based on Exodus Privacy to F-Droid

Academic Advisor
Privacy visualizations for open-source applications
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)


F-Droid is a software store for Android open-source applications. This store is considered the main distribution means for free open-source software for Android. This thesis attempts to address two issues of the F-Droid app store in terms of visualizing privacy-related information about the apps. The first issue is that F’-Droid’s privacy metadata is limited to the “Anti-Features” that lack depth and usefulness for the uninformed majority of users. The second issue is presenting the privacy parameters of these apps in an informative and interactive way moving away from the current less-consumable textual format.

To accomplish this, Exodus Privacy, a massive, community-driven, open database of trackers and permissions of Android apps, would be used to supplement F’-Droid’s data. A prototype privacy visualization system will then be developed, building on research already conducted in this area (e.g., research on privacy labels and indicators). Following this, the preferred prototype will be further refined based on qualitative feedback sessions with domain experts, and finally implemented in the “Neo Store”, a modern F-Droid client.