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Seminarraum 006

Interactive Data Wall and Multimedia Lecture Hall

Four screens, together of some 6m width, allow working with a laser pen on the screens just like working with a mouse (bluetooth version plus keyboard available). The two examples below show the right screen being used for writing on E-Chalk. Normally, when scrolled upwards, the E-Chalk content will disappear. Here, the "previous" content is scrolled into the other windows, each of which to be scrolled or fixed individually. The entire screen may just as well be used for one single 6m-wide writable electronic chalk board.

One of the four screens can be used for displaying a laptop signal. The laptop mouse can again be controlled from the projection screen.

The room has a 5.1 6-channel audio exquipment.

The most expensive elements of this entirely self-developed and self-built system are four wide-angle data projectors for the four screens.


Have a look inside the projection room


Lecturing at the data wall

lecturing at the data wall

Seminarraum 006