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Multimedia in Unterrichtsräumen

Computer Science FU Berlin: Multimedia lecture hall and seminar rooms

using echalk at the data wall Drawing on electronic maps, geography
Seminar room 006 (80 seats)

This room has a self-developed rear projection system which includes  technology for identifying and tracking a laser pen on the screen and controlling the mouse position on the screen. The teacher can write on the 6m wide screen. Both E-Chalk and Audio can be live streamed into the web. More.

Seminar room K40 (30 seats)

This room is equipped with a rear projector (some 160cm width). A pen allows writing on the screen. Several USB-connected tablets are available for cooperative drawing and working on the screen. A Polycom ViaVideo video conference camera is installed and ready to be used any time. More.

Video Live-casting and lecture hall equipment Echalk - the idea
Large lecture hall (220 seats)

From the large lecture hall, a growing number of lectures and events is live transmitted and archived using the Real Video technology. E-Chalk is comfortably installed as well .... More.

All multimedia lecture rooms are set up around the E-Chalk system, which is installed with all possible features.