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Mathematische Formelerkennung

Subject: Development of methods for the recognition, interpretation, and processing of handwritten mathematical expressions. The expressions are entered on-line using a stylus for contact sensitive whiteboards, electronic tablets, personal digital assistants or Tablet PCs. The recognition rate will be enhanced by formulating hypothesis about the formula's context. The result of the recognition will be used to generate LaTeX or MathML code for embedding into a larger document. The MathML code can be used for Web documents, or for further processing by an algebraic server. The complete system will be used as an extension and plug-in for a LaTeX editor and as extension and plug in for E-Chalk, our software, for an electronic classroom. We will study human mathematical formula parsing using eye-tracking devices, in collaboration with psychologists. Such studies will provide clues for improving an automatic regocnizer. See also the homepage of the project.

Laufzeit: 17.03.2006 - 14.05.2008

Beteilige Wissenschaftler: Dr. Ernesto Tapia, Philipp Holzschneider

Finanzierung: Gefördert von der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft, Projekt: RO2171/11-1.