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How can we design systems for intelligent vehicles?

The systems for intelligent vehicles can be categorized into five levels of autonomy, from no automation to full automation. For example, Tesla, Cruise, and Nuro develop systems that can perform essential tasks such as object detection for keeping a distance from other vehicles. However, they are not very good at handling failures. In this course, students will tackle related challenges such as building reference road maps, training the system for object detection, analyzing failures, and discussing ethical dilemmas. Thus, they will develop, design, and implement algorithms, as well as simulate experiments.


InstitutionDahlem Center for Machine Learning and Robotics
RaumTakustr. 9 SR053
Beginn18.10.2023 | 08:00
Ende14.02.2024 | 10:00

mittwochs 8-10 Uhr

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