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Ontologischer Gottesbeweis am Computer? Christoph Benzmüller beim Science Slam in Berlin 05/19

Gibt es Gott? eine Frage, die wir nicht klar beantworten können. Aber es gibt den sogenannten ontologischen Gottesbeweis von Kurt Gödel. Prof. Dr. Christoph Benzmüller hat am Computer bewiesen, dass der Gottesbeweis in sich stimmig argumentiert ist.

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Christoph Benzmüller is a professor of computer science and mathematics at FU Berlin, and a visiting scholar of the University of Luxembourg. He received his PhD (1999) and his Habilitation (2007) from Saarland University, and he worked at several other universities, including Stanford (USA), Cambridge, Birmingham, Edinburgh (all UK) and CMU (USA).
Christoph's research interests are interfacing the areas of artificial intelligence, computer science, philosophy, mathematics, and natural language. He is particularly interested in the use of classical higher-order logic as a universal meta-logic to automate various non-classical logics and to utilise them in topical application areas, including machine ethics & machine law (trustworthy AI), metaphysics, mathematical foundations and rational argumentation.

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