The slots for contributed talks are 30 minutes each. This contains 20-25 minutes presentation and 5-10 minutes for questions. In between two talks we will have short 5 minute breaks so the next speaker can set up their presentation.

Wednesday, 8th September
  Session 1 - Modal logic I
(syntax & semantics)
10:15 WELCOME  
10:30 Giuliano Rosella A Truthmaker Semantics Approach to Modal Logic
11:05 Yaroslav Petrukhin Cut-free Hypersequent Calculus for an Essence S5 Logic
11:35 Coffee break
  Invited Talk  
12:00 Hannes Leitgeb On Merely Expressive Devices
13:00 Lunch  
  Session 2 - Modal logic II (applications)  
14:30 Fabian Heimann An Order-Theoretic Approach to Kripkean Theories of Probability and Truth
15:05 Antonio Yuste-Ginel & Carlo Proietti A Dynamic Epistemic Logic for Abstract Argumentation
15:40 Fabio Lampert & Pedro Merlussi Choices, Conditionals, and Necessity
16:10 Coffee break
  Invited Talk  
16:30 Juliana Bueno-Soler Probability and Evidence on Non-Standard Logics

Thursday, 9th September
  Session 3 - Higher-order & (hyper-)intensional logic  
9:30 Maria Legeydo Relevantized Intensional Semantics For Some Syllogistic Theories
10:05 Elio La Rosa A Labelled Sequent Calculus for HYPE
10:40 Nicola Bonatti Quantifiers: Higher-order Predicates or Choice Functions?
11:15 Michele Contente Constructive Justification of Impredicativity in Type Theory
11:45 Coffee break
  Invited Talk  
12:05 Christoph Benzmüller Value-Oriented Ethico-Legal Reasoning in LogiKEy
13:05 Lunch  
  Session 4 - Proof theory & arithmetic  
14:30 Matteo de Ceglie A Tableaux System for V-logic
15:05 Rene Gazzari Occurrences and Substitutions
15:40 Balthasar Grabmayr and Albert Visser A Closer Look at Self-Reference in Arithmetic: Language, Naming and Coding
16:10 Coffee break
  Invited Talk  
16:30 Alexander Steen Automated Theorem Proving in Higher-Order Logics
19:00 CONFERENCE DINNER @ Kreuzberger Himmel

Friday, 10th September
  Session 5 - Logics for social agents  
10:00 Gaia Belardinelli Gatekeepers in Social Networks: Logics for Communicative Actions
10:35 Munyque Mittelmann Auction Description Language (ADL): A General Framework for Representing Auction-based Markets
11:10 Leander Vignero Some Puzzles Concerning the Credences of Others
11:40 Coffee break
  Invited Talk  
12:00 Peter Verdée Relevance understood as connectedness: constitutional logics and their graph-theoretic representation
13:00 Lunch  
  Session 6 - Philosophy of logic & science  
14:30 Iris van der Giessen A Walk through the Landscape of Intuitionistic Modal Logic
15:05 Víctor Aranda Husserl and Carnap on Completeness
15:40 Sena Bozdag and Matteo De Benedetto Conceptual Revision in Revolutionary Times: Taking up Thagard's challenge
16:10 Coffee break
  Invited Talk  
16:30 Marianna Antonutti Marfori The Implicit Commitment Thesis for Arithmetical Reflection Principles