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Disputation Niels Thorren Kirschbaum

Thema der Dissertation: On the Electronic Structure of Nanodiamonds for Photocatalysis Thema der Disputation: Machine Learning for Chemistry

Ort: Seminarraum 005 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Takustr. 9, 14195 Berlin)

27.11.2023 | 15:00

Disputation Johannes Sebastian Obenaus

Thema der Dissertation: Flips & Partitions in Geometric Graphs Thema der Disputation: Graph Decomposition - A proof of Ringel's Conjecture

Ort: Seminarraum 031 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Arnimallee 7, 14195 Berlin)

10.11.2023 | 10:15

Disputation Johannes Zonker

Thema der Dissertation: Coarse Graining of Agent-Based Models and Spatio-Temporal Modeling of Spreading Processes Thema der Disputation: Card Shuffling, Magic and True Randomness

Ort: Seminarraum (Zuse Institut Berlin, Takustr. 7, 14195 Berlin)

09.11.2023 | 14:00

Disputation Felix Binkowski

Thema der Dissertation: Riesz-projection-based methods for the numerical simulation of resonance phenomena in nanophotonics Thema der Disputation: Exceptional points for enhancing the sensitivity of optical sensors

Ort: Seminarraum 2006 (Zuse Institut Berlin, Takustr.7, 14195 Berlin)

06.11.2023 | 10:00

Disputation Derk Frerichs-Mihov

Thema der Dissertation: On slope limiting and deep learning techniques for the numerical solution to convection-dominated convection-diffusion problems Thema der Disputation: Decrypting classically encrypted messages using Shor's algorithm - How quantum computers outperform even Sherlock Holmes

Ort: Seminarraum 031 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Arnimallee 6, 14195 Berlin)

02.11.2023 | 14:30

Disputation David Joel Fabian

Thema der Dissertation: Graph bootstrap percolation and additive combinatorial constructions Thema der Disputation: Densities of sets without three-term arithmetic progressions -- The upper bounds of Kelley and Meka

Ort: Seminarraum (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Arnimallee 2, 14195 Berlin)

31.10.2023 | 11:00

Disputation Sara Hetzel

Thema der Dissertation: Investigation of DNA methylation heterogeneity in cancer Thema der Disputation: Quantification of DNA methylation heterogeneity from bulk sequencing data

Ort: Seminarraum 007/008 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Arnimallee 6, 14195 Berlin)

16.10.2023 | 14:00

Disputation Gerd Richard Schöffauer

Thema der Dissertation: Model-Predictive Control in Communication Networks Thema der Disputation: Verbesserung der Regelgüte eines Controllers mit Hilfe von prädiziertem Informations-Delay

Ort: Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik Seminarraum 046 Takustr. 9 14195 Berlin

13.10.2023 | 13:00

Disputation Marco David Blanco Sandoval

Thema der Dissertation: Optimization Algorithms for the Flight Planning Problem Thema der Disputation: Algorithms for the Shortest Path Problem

Ort: Seminarraum 032 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Arnimallee 6, 14195 Berlin) UND

13.09.2023 | 10:00

Disputation Toyomu Matsuda

Thema der Dissertation: Fractional Stochastic Calculus via Stochastic Sewing Thema der Disputation: On random interlacements

Ort: Seminarraum 031 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Arnimallee 7, 14195 Berlin)

12.09.2023 | 10:00

Disputation Jörg Winkler

Thema der Dissertation: Algorithms for finding RNA sequence-structure motif Thema der Disputation: Why is predicting RNA structure so hard? Lessons from machine learning-based protein structure prediction

Ort: Seminarraum 049 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Takustr.9, 14195 Berlin)

08.09.2023 | 10:00

Disputation Abhishek Paraswarar Harikrishnan

Thema der Dissertation: Geometry and dynamics of coherent structures in the stably stratified atmospheric boundary layer Thema der Disputation: Direct observation of vortex reconnection in turbulent flows

Ort: Seminarraum 031 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Arnimallee 6, 14195 Berlin)

08.09.2023 | 09:00

Disputation Tatiana Levinson

Thema der Dissertation: Convex partitions of vector bundles and fibrewise configuration spaces Thema der Disputation: What is topological complexity?

Ort: Seminarraum 019 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Arnimallee 3, 14195 Berlin)

05.09.2023 | 16:00

Disputation Siva Prasad Chakri Dhanakoti

Thema der Dissertation: Study of Intrinsically Curved Elastic Rods Under External Loads with Applications to Concentric Tube Continuum Robots and their Control Thema der Disputation: Port-Hamiltonian Systems and Their Control

Ort: Seminarraum 2006 (Zuse Institut Berlin, Takustr. 7, 14195 Berlin)

05.09.2023 | 10:00

Disputation Jan Robin Winter

Thema der Dissertation: Unsupervised Learning of Molecular Representations for Drug Development Thema der Disputation: Machine Learning for Molecular Property Prediction and Optimisation in Drug Discovery

25.08.2023 | 15:00

Disputation Melania Nowicka

Thema der Dissertation: Design and multi-criteria optimization of cell classifier circuits in cancer therapy Thema der Disputation: How to apply machine learning to biological data and sleep well: pitfalls and mitigation strategies

Ort: Seminarraum 032 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Arnimallee 6, 14195 Berlin)

21.07.2023 | 13:00

Disputation Alexander Müller

Thema der Dissertation: Assembly and norm maps via genuine equivariant homotopy theory Thema der Disputation: On commutative monoids and the universality of infinite loop space machines

Ort: Seminarraum 019 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Arnimallee 3, 14195 Berlin)

17.07.2023 | 16:00

Disputation Huy Le Duc

Thema der Dissertation: On-premise containerized, light-weight software solutions for Biomedicine Thema der Disputation: Distributed Projection-based Methods for Large-Scale Linear Systems

Ort: Seminarraum 2006 (Zuse Institut Berlin, Takustr.7, 14195 Berlin)

14.07.2023 | 12:00

Disputation Martin Hanik

Thema der Dissertation: Geometric Data Analysis: Advancements of the Statistical Methodology and Applications Thema der Disputation: Convolutions over non-Euclidean Domains

Ort: Seminarraum 2006 (Zuse Institut Berlin, Takustr.7,14195 Berlin)

13.07.2023 | 11:30

Disputation Franziska Erlekam

Thema der Dissertation: Kinetics of Multivalent Binding Processes Thema der Disputation: Named Entity Recognition in Forensic Data Analytics

Ort: Seminarraum (Zuse Institut Berlin, Takustr. 7, 14195 Berlin)

11.07.2023 | 10:00

Disputation Oliver Wiese

Thema der Dissertation: Der Phish und die Nutzerin: Formalisierung, Konzeption und Analyse Thema der Disputation: Herausforderungen bei der Anwendung von empirischen Methoden in der menschen-zentrierten IT-Sicherheit

Ort: Hörsaal 001 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Arnimallee 3, 14195 Berlin)

04.07.2023 | 16:15

Disputation Alejandro López Nieto

Thema der Dissertation: Enharmonic motion: Towards the global dynamics of negative delayed feedback Thema der Disputation: Soliton asymptotics of shallow-water waves

Ort: Seminarraum 140 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Arnimallee 7, 14195 Berlin)

29.06.2023 | 16:00 c.t.

Disputation Erhun Giray Tuncay

Thema der Dissertation: Optimizing Global Network Alignment in Protein-Protein lnteraction Networks Thema der Disputation: Clustering approaches in protein-protein interactions networks

Ort: Seminarraum (Zuse Institut Berlin, Takustr. 7, 14195 Berlin)

26.06.2023 | 10:00

Disputation Jakob Konrad Hertzberg

Thema der Dissertation: Identification and Prioritization of Putative Pathogenic Structural Variants based on Functional Annotation Thema der Disputation: Transformer Neural Networks and their Application in Bioinformatics

Ort: Seminarraum 046 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Takustr. 9, 14195 Berlin)

05.05.2023 | 16:00

Disputation Martin Stahn

Thema der Dissertation: Augmented Generators for Non-autonomous Flows Thema der Disputation: Data-driven discretization of the dynamic Laplacian

Ort: Seminarraum 108/109 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Arnimallee 6,14195 Berlin)

04.05.2023 | 14:00

Disputation Andreas Mardt

Thema der Dissertation: Deep learning of the dynamics of complex systems with its applications to biochemical molecules Thema der Disputation: From Complexity to Clarity: Understanding Protein Dynamics with Markov State Models

Ort: Hörsaal B (0.1.01) (FB Physik, Arnimallee 14, 14195 Berlin)

28.04.2023 | 15:00

Disputation Serkan Emek

Thema der Dissertation: Iteration von harmonischen Robin-Funktionen Thema der Disputation: Parkettierungs-Spiegelungs-Prinzip

20.04.2023 | 16:00

Disputation Helena Katharina Kremp

Thema der Dissertation: Topics in particle systems and singular SDEs Thema der Disputation: Carleson's Theorem and connections to ergodic theory

Ort: Seminarraum 031 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Arnimallee 7, 14195 Berlin)

14.04.2023 | 10:15

Disputation Thore Manuel Bürgel

Thema der Dissertation: Machine learning for data-driven primary prevention at population scale Thema der Disputation: Data-driven health management and the era of value-based care

Ort: Seminarraum 031 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Arnimallee 7, 14195 Berlin)

31.03.2023 | 08:30

Disputation Stephan Schwartz

Thema der Dissertation: Optimal Graph Coverings with Connected Subgraphs Thema der Disputation: Mathematical Models for Districting Problems

Ort: Seminarraum 031 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Arnimallee 6, 14195 Berlin)

29.03.2023 | 10:15

Disputation Daniel Rosebrock

Thema der Dissertation: Dissecting regional heterogeneity and modeling transcriptional cascades in brain organoids Thema der Disputation: Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods

Ort: Seminarraum 005 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Takustr. 9, 14195 Berlin)

23.02.2023 | 14:00

Disputation Talia Beatrice Kimber

Thema der Dissertation: Machine Learning for Kinase Drug Discovery Thema der Disputation: Virtual screening in computer-aided drug discovery: molecular encodings and deep learning models

13.02.2023 | 13:00

Disputation Peter Tillmann

Thema der Dissertation: Optimizing bifacial tandem solar cells for realistic operation conditions Thema der Disputation: Application of layer-wise relevance propagation for explainable neural networks in image recognition

Ort: Hörsaal des Zuse-Institutes Berlin (ZIB) (Takustr.7, 14195 Berlin)

25.01.2023 | 14:00

Disputation Larissa Groth

Thema der Dissertation: A Vulnerability Management Solution for constrained IoT devices with a Trusted Execution Environment using a Hardware Root of Trust Thema der Disputation: Use and Misuse of the IoT - Recent Challenge

19.01.2023 | 12:00

Disputation Jes Lasse Hinrichsen-Bischoff

Thema der Dissertation: Adaptive Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Variational Inequalities with Applications to Phase Field Models Thema der Disputation: Virtual Element Methods

Ort: Seminarraum 108 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Arnimallee 6, 14195 Berlin)

06.01.2023 | 14:15

Disputation Annkatrin Sarah Bressin

Thema der Dissertation: A Multi-Omics Analysis of Transcription Control by BRD4 Thema der Disputation: Testing statistical models on RNA-seq and NET-seq data

19.12.2022 | 13:00

Disputation Laura Cifuentes Fontanals

Thema der Dissertation: Methods for control strategy identification in Boolean networks Thema der Disputation: Computational algebra methods for Boolean networks

Ort: Seminarraum 108/109 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Arnimallee 6, 14195 Berlin)

15.12.2022 | 14:15

Disputation Sebastian Fischer

Thema der Dissertation: Internet of Things: A Model for Cybersecurity Standards and the Categorisation of Devices Thema der Disputation: Cybersecurity for IoT - Standards, Regulations and Research

Ort: Raum 108/109 (FB Mathematik und Informatik, Arnimalle 6, 14195 Berlin)

13.12.2022 | 15:00

Disputation Simona Stanislavova Boyadzhiyska

Thema der Dissertation: Minimal Ramsey graphs, orthogonal Latin squares, and hyperplane coverings Thema der Disputation: The extremal number of surfaces

Ort: Seminarraum 032 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Arnimallee 6, 14195 Berlin)

05.12.2022 | 15:00

Disputation Tom Dörffel

Thema der Dissertation: Moisture-Induced Dynamics of Tilted Tropical Cyclones Thema der Disputation: Tipping Points in the Climate System

23.11.2022 | 14:00

Disputation Sahar Iravani

Thema der Dissertation: Interpretable Deep Learning Approaches for Biomarker Detection from High-Dimensional Biomedical Data Thema der Disputation: Self-Supervised Learning for Visual Representation

Ort: Seminarraum (Zuse Institut Berlin, Takustr. 7, 14195 Berlin)

23.11.2022 | 12:00

Disputation Franziska Boenisch

Thema der Dissertation: Secure and Private Machine Learning Thema der Disputation: What Trust Model is Needed for Federated Learning to be Private?

17.11.2022 | 15:00

Disputation Felix Paul Ambellan

Thema der Dissertation: Efficient Riemannian Statistical Shape Analysis with Applications in Disease Assessment Thema der Disputation: Principal Geodesic Analysis and the Riemannian Exponential in Lie Groups

Ort: Seminarraum (EG Rundbau) (ZIB, Takustr.7, 14195 Berlin)

14.11.2022 | 10:00

Disputation Moritz Hoffmann

Thema der Dissertation: Efficient algorithms for simulation and analysis of many-body systems Thema der Disputation: Discovering governing equations from time-series data

28.10.2022 | 15:00

Disputation Roya Ebrahimi Viand

Thema der Dissertation: Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Open Systems far from Equilibrium Thema der Disputation: Solution to Archie's law puzzle in porous media

Ort: Seminarraum 032 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Arnimallee 6, 14195 Berlin)

28.10.2022 | 14:15

Disputation Abbas Gholami Poshtehani

Thema der Dissertation: Coupling boundary conditions in continuum-particle approach for open systems: theoretical analysis and computational implementation Thema der Disputation: Electrolyte flows and the governing mathematical models and numerical approach for the modelling

Ort: Seminarraum 031 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Arnimallee 6, 14195 Berlin)

26.10.2022 | 14:30

Disputation Mona Milena Rams

Thema der Dissertation: New approaches for unsupervised transcriptomic data analysis based on Dictionary learning Thema der Disputation: Trajectory inference from single-cell transcriptomic data with Slingshot

Ort: Seminarraum (Zuse Institut Berlin, Takustr. 7, 14195 Berlin)

25.10.2022 | 11:00

Disputation Laith Rastanawi

Thema der Dissertation: On 4-Dimensional Point Groups and on Realization Spaces of Polytopes Thema der Disputation: Projectively unique polytopes

Ort: Seminarraum (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Arnimallee 2, 14195 Berlin)

14.10.2022 | 16:15

Disputation Philip Daniel Kleinert

Thema der Dissertation: Computational interpretation of disease-causing, structural, and non-coding human genetic variants Thema der Disputation: Computational prediction of protein structures using a neural-network based model

Ort: Seminarraum 032 (FB Mathematik und Informatik, Arnimalle 6, 14195 Berlin)

07.10.2022 | 09:00

Disputation Marie Hoffmann

Thema der Dissertation: What is in my Sample? - Challenges and Approaches for Unveiling the Hidden Diversity in Plankton Samples Thema der Disputation: Designing highly multiplex PCR primer sets with Simulated Annealing Design using Dimer Likelihood Estimation (SADDLE)

Ort: Seminarraum 006 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Takusstr.9, 14195 Berlin)

23.08.2022 | 11:00

Disputation Gottfried Hastermann

Thema der Dissertation: Analysis of the Cell-Vertex Finite Volume Method for Pseudo-Incompressible Divergence Constraints on Quadrilateral and Cuboid Meshes Thema der Disputation: Structure preserving integration of the Vlasov-Poisson equation

04.08.2022 | 14:00

Disputation Cenk Gündoğan

Thema der Dissertation: Information-centric Networking for the Constrained Internet of Things Thema der Disputation: Inter-networking Resource-constrained Things

19.07.2022 | 16:00

Disputation Sebastian Niehus

Thema der Dissertation: Multi-Sample Approaches and Applications for Structural VariantDetection Thema der Disputation: Analysis of the expanded 1000 Genomes Project cohort using svtools

Ort: Seminarraum 108/109 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Arnimallee 6, 14195 Berlin)

19.07.2022 | 15:00

Disputation Jonathan Kliem

Thema der Dissertation: Applications of Topology, Combinatorics and Algorithms to Discrete Geometry Thema der Disputation: Thieves and Necklaces

14.07.2022 | 11:00

Disputation Lam-Ha Ly

Thema der Dissertation: Deciphering cellular heterogeneity by single-cell transcriptome analysis Thema der Disputation: Approaches for network reconstruction using transcriptome data

Ort: Ort: Seminarraum 049 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Takustr.9, 14195 Berlin)

11.07.2022 | 15:00

Disputation Jan-Hendrik Niemann

Thema der Dissertation: Learning Reduced Models for Large-Scale Agent-Based Systems Thema der Disputation: Decentralized and Distributed Optimization

11.07.2022 | 10:00

Disputation Luzie Helfmann

Thema der Dissertation: Non-stationary Transition Path Theory with applications to tipping and agent-based models Thema der Disputation: Large Deviation Results for Dynamics of Many Agent

Ort: Ort: Seminarraum (Zuse Institut Berlin, Takustr. 7, 14195 Berlin)

06.07.2022 | 08:15

Disputation Eldar Abdullaev

Thema der Dissertation: Dynamical Aspects of the Evolution of Segmental Duplications in the Human Genome Thema der Disputation: The Support Vector Machines (SVMs) and the kernel method

05.07.2022 | 15:30

Disputation Elzbieta Lidia Gralinska

Thema der Dissertation: Association Plots visualize cluster-specific genes from high-dimensional transcriptomics data Thema der Disputation: Dimensionality reduction methods

Ort: Ort: Seminarraum 049 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Takustr. 9, 14195 Berlin)

04.07.2022 | 14:00

Disputation Jakub Maciej Bartoszewicz

Thema der Dissertation: Deep learning approaches for predicting pathogenic potentials of novel DNA and RNA sequences Thema der Disputation: Discovering regulatory motif syntax in eukaryotic genomes with convolutional neural networks

30.06.2022 | 16:00

Disputation Niklas Björn Wulkow

Thema der Dissertation: Modelling Observations of Dynamical Systems with Memory Thema der Disputation: Robust numerical schemes for the approximation of the memory kernel in the Generalized Langevin Equation

30.06.2022 | 10:15

Disputation Martyna Katarzyna Gajos

Thema der Dissertation: Analysis of the determinants of Pol II pausing Thema der Disputation: Interpretable machine learning approaches in genome regulation research

27.06.2022 | 10:30

Disputation Joscha Podlesny

Thema der Dissertation: Multiscale Modeling and Simulation of Deformation Accumulation in Fault Networks Thema der Disputation: Generalization error estimates for physics-informed neural networks

Ort: Ort: Raum 108/109 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Arnimallee 6, 14195 Berlin)

22.06.2022 | 14:00

Disputation Vyacheslav Boyko

Thema der Dissertation: Data-driven modeling of intermittent turbulence in the stably stratified atmospheric boundary layer Thema der Disputation: A method for circulation-based topological decomposition of fluid-dynamical data

Ort: Seminarraum 126 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Arnimallee 6, 14195 Berlin)

16.06.2022 | 14:00

Disputation Jan Fritz Ulbrich

Thema der Dissertation: Swarm-Based Trajectory Planning for Autonomous Cars Thema der Disputation: ETA Prediction with Graph Neural Networks in Google Maps

Ort: Raum 031 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Arnimallee 7, 14195 Berlin)

03.06.2022 | 14:00

Disputation Daniel Kirchner

Thema der Dissertation: Computer-Verified Foundations of Metaphysics and an Ontology of Natural Numbers in Isabelle/HOL Thema der Disputation: What a Round Square and Flying Pigs can tell us about Abstraction and the Nature of Mathematical Objects

16.05.2022 | 14:00

Disputation Thomas Krannich

Thema der Dissertation: Contributions to the detection of non-reference sequences in population-scale NGS data Thema der Disputation: Population-scale genotyping of genomic variants using GraphTyper

Ort: Hörsaal B (0.1.01) (FB Physik, Arnimallee 14, 14195 Berlin)

29.04.2022 | 10:00

Disputation Victor Mireles Chávez

Thema der Dissertation: Finding Reusable Modules Using Sparse Matrix Decompositions Thema der Disputation: Advances in text-based reconstruction of biological networks

28.03.2022 | 10:00

Disputation Ray Chew

Thema der Dissertation: Balanced Local Data Assimilation with a Blended Numerical Model for Geophysical Flows Thema der Disputation: Combining data assimilation and machine learning to emulate a dynamical model

Ort: Seminarraum 108/109 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Arnimallee 6, 14195 Berlin) ***Die Teilnahme ist nur unter der Einhaltung der aktuellen 3G Regelungen möglich.***

28.03.2022 | 09:00

Disputation Mattes Mollenhauer

Thema der Dissertation: On the statistical approximation of conditional expectation operators Thema der Disputation: Perturbation theory of linear operators in machine learning and statistics

11.03.2022 | 15:00

Disputation Sophia Sage Elia

Thema der Dissertation: On Three Ehrhart Theories & Simplicial Hyperplane Arrangements Thema der Disputation: The Classification of Finite Reflection Groups

01.03.2022 | 17:00

Disputation Lennard Epping

Thema der Dissertation: K-mer-based High-throughput Analysis of the Adaptive Potential of Campylobacter Thema der Disputation: Development of Genome-wide Association Studies for microbial genomic research

15.02.2022 | 12:00

Disputation Benjamin Panreck

Thema der Dissertation: Entwicklung einer heuristischen Verhaltensregelung für die Visuomotorik humanoider Roboter Thema der Disputation: Printed Electronics - Druck von elektronischen Schaltungen mit continuous-feature Technologien

10.02.2022 | 18:00

Disputation Thomas Risch

Thema der Dissertation: Computational analysis of cancer transcriptomes: drug response prediction in colorectal cancer and gene regulatory networks and long non-coding genes in medulloblastoma Thema der Disputation: Feature selection in computational analysis of cancer transcriptomes

08.02.2022 | 10:00

Disputation Sandra Döpking

Thema der Dissertation: Error aware analysis of multi-scale reactivity models for chemical surface reactions An Adaptive and a Multilevel Adaptive Sparse Grid approach to address global uncertainty and sensitivity Thema der Disputation: Scrum and Kanban approaches for process optimisation

28.01.2022 | 10:00

Disputation Alexander Bajic

Thema der Dissertation: Simulation-based Evaluation of Dynamic Attack and Defense in Computer Networks Thema der Disputation: Spieltheoretische Ansätze zur Entwicklung von Strategien für die Verwendung proaktiver Sicherheitsmechanismen

28.01.2022 | 10:00

Disputation Hanxing Lin

Thema der Dissertation: Parqueting-Reflection Principle and Boundary Value Problems in Some Circular Polygons Thema der Disputation: Residual Cauchy-Type Formula on Riemann Surfaces

09.12.2021 | 16:00

Disputation Andreas Philipp

Thema der Dissertation: Perception and Prediction of Urban Traffic Scenarios for Autonomous Driving Thema der Disputation: Partial Observable Markov Decision Process (POMDP)

02.12.2021 | 09:00

Disputation Nadja Seiferth

Thema der Dissertation: Algorithmic Aspects of Packing Problems Thema der Disputation: The Complexity Class Ǝℝ and Computational Geometry

29.11.2021 | 10:00

Disputation Georg Lehner

Thema der Dissertation: The passage from the integral to the rational group ring in algebraic K-theory Thema der Disputation: Modular Representation Theory and Berman's Theorem

22.11.2021 | 16:00

Disputation Giordana Tornow

Thema der Dissertation: Quasi One-Dimensional Modelling of Turbulence and Interaction of Combustion Chambers in a Shockless Explosion Combustor Thema der Disputation: Mathemagic - The Banach-Tarski Paradox and its Astonishing Corollaries

Ort: Raum 108 (Fachbereich Mathematik und Informatik, Arnimallee 6, 14195 Berlin) +++Die Veranstaltung unterliegt der Einhaltung der 3G Reglung+++

10.11.2021 | 10:00

Disputation Guang Peng

Thema der Dissertation: Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization for Computation Offloading in Collaborative Edge-Cloud Computing Thema der Disputation: Single and Multi-Objective Optimization

25.10.2021 | 12:00

Disputation Pay Gießelmann

Thema der Dissertation: Genome Analysis Methods using Long Read Nanopore Sequencing Thema der Disputation: Nanopore Signal Analysis using Hidden-Markov Model

12.10.2021 | 13:00

Disputation Patrick Wyndham Morris

Thema der Dissertation: Clique Factors: Extremal and Probabilistic Perspectives Thema der Disputation: Rainbow matchings and the probabilistic method

11.10.2021 | 17:00

Disputation Katharina Alexandra Klost

Thema der Dissertation: Geometric Graphs: Reachability, Long Trees and Short Cycles Thema der Disputation: Shortest Paths in Unit Disk Graphs

Ort: gr. Hörsaal* (Takustr.9, 14195 Berlin) * Begrenzte Teilnehmerzahl unter Kontrolle der 3G Regeln – geimpft, genesen, getestet und

21.09.2021 | 16:00

Disputation Michael Witt

Thema der Dissertation: Generation of Secure Runtime Environments for Untrusted Applications Through Machine Code Analysis Thema der Disputation: Möglichkeiten und Limitierungen der Überwachung von Systemaufrufen in verschiedenen Betriebssystemen und Prozessorarchitekturen.

Ort: Seminarraum 051* - Takustr.9, 14195 Berlin (* Begrenzte Teilnehmerzahl unter Kontrolle der 3G Regeln – geimpft, genesen, getestet) und

20.09.2021 | 10:00

Disputation Babette de Wolff

Thema der Dissertation: Delayed feedback stabilization with and without symmetry Thema der Disputation: Kermack-McKendrick formulation of epidemic models

09.09.2021 | 15:00

Disputation Damian Pascal Paul Klimke

Thema der Dissertation: Das Konzept des Dialogischen Lernens im Mathematikunterricht - Vorbehalte und Chancen aus der Sicht angehender Mathematiklehrkräfte Thema der Disputation: Modellieren im Mathematikunterricht

Ort: Raum 019* (Arnimallee 3, 14195 Berlin) (* Begrenzte Teilnehmerzahl unter Kontrolle der 3G Regeln – geimpft, genesen, getestet) und

19.08.2021 | 11:00

Disputation Stefan Seegerer

Thema der Dissertation: Informatik für alle - Beitrag und exemplarische Ausgestaltung informatischer Bildung als Grundlage für Bildung in der digitalen Transformation Thema der Disputation: Künstliche Intelligenz als Thema und Aufgabengebiet informatischer Bildung

18.08.2021 | 13:15

Disputation Katinka Becker

Thema der Dissertation: Logical Analysis of Biological Data Thema der Disputation: Characterizing Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma using Logical Analysis of Data

15.07.2021 | 14:00

Disputation Marc André Osterland

Thema der Dissertation: Data-driven Disease Assessment from time-resolved Fluorescence Optical Imaging Thema der Disputation: Generative Adversarial Networks

13.07.2021 | 11:30

Disputation Roman Schulte-Sasse

Thema der Dissertation: Integration of Multi-Omics Data with Graph Convolutional Networks to Identify Cancer-Associated Genes Thema der Disputation: Deep Learning on Graphs

23.06.2021 | 10:00

Disputation Marian Philipp Moldenhauer

Thema der Dissertation: Adaptive Algorithms in Optimization under PDE Constraints Thema der Disputation: Overview of Multigrid methods for optimization

09.06.2021 | 10:00

Disputation Max Kahnt

Thema der Dissertation: Numerical approximation of non-isothermal multi-component, multiphase field systems Thema der Disputation: Geometrische Aspekte der Thermodynamik

02.06.2021 | 14:00

Disputation Lena Walter

Thema der Dissertation: Toric Newton-Okounkov Functions, the Kingman Coalescent, and Fully Mixed Cells Thema der Disputation: Polyhedral Adjunction Theory

04.05.2021 | 09:00

Disputation Verônica Rodrigues de Melo Costa

Thema der Dissertation: Genome-wide determination of splicing efficiency and dynamics from RNA-seq data Thema der Disputation: Intron-centric approach for identification and quantification of alternative splicing events

22.04.2021 | 14:00

Disputation Julian Frederic Thomas

Thema der Dissertation: Erstellung eines sensorbasierten Straßenmodells für das automatisierte Fahren Thema der Disputation: "Quanten-Computer: Von der Theorie bis zur praktischen Anwendung"

26.03.2021 | 10:00

Disputation Max Willert

Thema der Dissertation: Routing and Stabbing Thema der Disputation: Geometric Routing in Theta-Graphs

24.03.2021 | 18:00

Disputation José Antonio Álvarez Ruiz

Thema der Dissertation: Outdoor Visual Navigation of a Smart-Wheelchair with the Visual Compass Algorithm Thema der Disputation: Spatiotemporal Camera-LIDAR Calibration: A Targetless and Structureless Approach

10.03.2021 | 10:00

Disputation Ander Lamaison Vidarte

Thema der Dissertation: Upper density problems in infinite Ramsey theory Thema der Disputation: A proof of the Erdős-Faber-Lovász conjecture

26.02.2021 | 09:30