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Disputation Fabian Danecker

29.04.2024 | 14:00
Thema der Dissertation:
A Discrete-Continuous Algorithm for Globally Optimal Free Flight Trajectory Optimization
Thema der Disputation:
State Estimation with Application to Single Extended Target Tracking
Abstract: Autonomous driving relies heavily on an accurate perception of the surrounding environment.
However, this perception is often obtained through sensors like radar, which produce sparse and noisy point clouds. This presentation offers an introduction to Bayesian Filtering, a powerful method framework for probabilistic inference and state estimation of dynamic systems. We delve into the current challenges faced in this field and present innovative solutions aimed at overcoming these obstacles.

Zeit & Ort

29.04.2024 | 14:00

Seminarraum 2006
(Zuse Institut Berlin, Takustr. 7, 14195 Berlin)