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Algebraic Number Theory II - Summer term 2014

Time: Wednesdays, 10-14 Uhr (including breaks).
Place: Arnimallee 6 SR 032/A6
Exercises: Fridays, 10-12 Uhr, Arnimallee 3, SR005/A3
Prerequisites: Some commutative algebra, some Galois theory (will be briefly reviewed in the lecture)

Addendum to class on June 4: pdf

Exam date: July 11, 10-13h, Arnimallee 3, SR005/A3
You may bring two sheets of paper (DIN A4), each written by yourself and by hand with writing on both sides.
If you want to look at your exams, please send an email to kindler@math.fu-berlin.de

Problem sets:
Problem set 1 (Solutions) April 23
Problem set 2 (Solutions) April 30
Problem set 3 May 7
Problem set 4 May 14
Problem set 5 May 21
Problem set 6 (Solutions) May 28
Problem set 7 June 4
Problem set 8 June 11
Problem set 9 (Solution) June 18
Problem set 10 June 25
Problem set 11 July 2