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DFG | HO 4228/4-1


Freie Universität Berlin

Principal Investigator:

German Research Foundation (DFG) – Research Grant, Project No. HO 4228/4-1

Jul 01, 2023 — Jun 30, 2026
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

Anomalies of molecular fluid flow through random media near their percolation threshold

The question of which factors and mechanisms determine the transport of fluids through porous media has taken on new relevance at the molecular level due to the availability of tailored nano-porous materials. An example from the field of sustainability-related research are phase separation processes via amorphous molecular sieves.

For disordered host structures exhibiting a percolation transition, the pore space becomes self-similar and maze-like, which leads to a complex interplay with the fluid flow and the molecular discreteness. Similarly as for gas particles in random hosts, one expects critical slowing down and a number of transport anomalies to arise. At the interface of high-performance computing and statistical physics, the project involves developing and carrying out large-scale numerical experiments with the aim to characterise and understand the mentioned transport anomalies.