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Computational Statistical & Biological Physics

Research fields and application topics

Research fields and application topics

Prof. Dr. Felix Höfling

How are macroscopic processes in complex materials determined by their nano-scale properties? Such materials include soft, active, and biological matter and porous media. Examples of our research are

  • the diffusion of proteins within cells and, more generally, in heterogeneous media,
  • the behaviour of water-oil mixtures at interfaces, which has potential applications in nanofluidics, and
  • the spontaneous organisation of ant trails by means of communication via pheromones.

High-performance computer simulations of stochastic particle models provide us with insight into the physical mechanisms that connect the behaviour across many time and length scales. The results allow us to

  • perform high precision tests of analytical predictions,
  • develop new numerical methods for the data analysis,
  • stimulate advancements of experimental techniques, and
  • potentially discover novel physical phenomena.

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  • critical phenomena
  • high-performance computing
  • intracellular transport
  • liquids
  • memory
  • molecular dynamics
  • random geometries
  • reaction kinetics
  • statistical mechanics
  • stochastic differential equations
  • stochastic particle models