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On the occasion of the European Congress of Mathematics that took place in Berlin on July 18th -19th, participants of Professor Ehrhard Behrends' proseminar "Mathematics for the general public"(summer term 2016) presented a few interesting aspects of mathematics at three underground stations.


Euler-Lecture 2016

In 2016, the “Euler-Lecture in Sanssouci” is given by Professor Yuri Manin (U Bonn): "Time between real and imaginary: Big Bang and modular curves" The historic talk is given by Professor Tilman Sauer (U Mainz): "»Ich bewundere die Eleganz Ihrer Rechnungsweise« - Einstein und die Mathematik" The Euler-Lecture will take place at the Auditorium Maximum of the University of Potsdam (Haus 8, 14476 Potsdam) on May 27 at 2pm . More details including flyer and roadmap:

Tag der Mathematik

21st Mathematics Day 2016

This year Mathematics Day will take place on 30th April 2016. The website will be available soon.


Tiburtius Prizes 2015

The Tiburtius Doctoral-Degree Prize awards persons for excellent dissertations at Berlin universities. In 2015 five of the Tiburtius Prize winners are from Freie Universität Berlin. [...] The award ceremony will take place on Wednesday, 16th December 2015, at the Humboldt Universität, Berlin.


Martin Skrodzki named Mathematician of the month of October

In September 2015 Martin Skrodzki was awarded one of the main prizes at the Student Conference of the German Mathematical Association (DMV). Now the DMV has named him "Mathematician of the Month" . [...]


A suitcase in Berlin: three new "Einstein Visiting Fellows"

Three of the Berlin Einstein Foundation's new "Einstein Visiting Fellows“ work in the area of mathematics and are at Freie Universität Berlin. The Einstein Visiting Fellows are foreign scientists who will add to excellent areas of Berlin research through their competence. In the long term, they are should become part of the scientific community here and to strengthen international cooperation. [...]

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