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Online-Vortrag "Aerosole und luftgetragene Infektionsübertragungen" von Prof. Dr. Roland Netz

News from Nov 02, 2021

Prof. Dr. Roland Netz

Prof. Dr. Roland Netz
Bildquelle: David Ausserhofe

What do we know about the transmission pathways of the coronavirus? Physics professor Roland Netz will explain in his online talk on November 3, 2021 during the Berlin Science Week, how potentially infectious aerosols are generated and spread.

Aerosols, i.e. small droplets emitted while speaking, coughing and breathing, play an important role in the transmission of infections. The time aerosols are suspended in the air, the sedimentation time, determines the viral load in the air and is therefore central to estimating the risk of infection. The talk will explain the physical mechanisms of aerosol sedimentation and desiccation and also show how to estimate the number of inhaled viruses in enclosed spaces.

Link to the online event

Shortly before the event starts, the link will appear on the page of the Berlin Science Week 2021.

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