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Ana Djurdjevac:

Random partial differential equations on evolving hypersurfaces


Partial differential equations with random coefficients (random PDEs) is a very developed and popular field. The variety of applications, especially in biology, motivate us to consider the random PDEs on curved moving domains. We introduce and analyse the advection-diffusion equations with random coefficients on moving hypersurfaces. We consider both cases, uniform and log-normal distributions of coefficients. Furthermore, we will introduce and analyse a surface finite element discretisation of the equation. We show unique solvability of the resulting semi-discrete problem and prove optimal error bounds for the semi-discrete solution and Monte Carlo samplings of its expectation. Our theoretical findings are illustrated by numerical experiments. In the end we present an outlook for the case when the velocity of a hypersurface is an uniformly bounded random field and the domain is flat.

Academic Advisor
Prof. Dr. Ralf Kornhuber
Nov 27, 2018