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Summer Semester 2023

19212001: Numerics I (Lecture)
Numerical methods for: iterative solution of nonlinear systems of equations (fixpoint and Newton methods), curve fitting, interpolation, numerical quadrature, and numerics of ODE systems.
InstructorProf. Dr. Ana Djurdevac
TimeApr 17, 2023 - Jul 19, 2023
19247411: Seminar: Stochastics in Action (Seminar)
Target Group:  The seminar is aimed at Bachelor's and Master's students (level adjustment by choosing appropriate projects). Prerequisites:  Stochastics I. Parallel attendance of Stochastics II is recommended.
InstructorProf. Dr. Ana Djurdevac, Prof. Dr. Nicolas Perkowski
TimeApr 17, 2023 - Jul 17, 2023