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Prospective Students

Are you interested in studying Bioinformatics (Master's Degree) at Freie Universität Berlin?

We invite students from all over the world to apply to our Master's Program in Bioinformatics!

The Online Studies Selection Guide (OSA) will give you a comprehensive insight into the study program. Information about the profile and structure of the Master's program in Bioinformatics can also be found on our homepage.

However, before you apply please check whether you fulfill our entrance requirements.

Please note: You need to fulfill the admission requirements at the time of application. There is no conditional acceptance!

Exception: Applicants who are currently completing their bachelor's degree may apply with a two-thirds certificate instead of a graduate certificate.

Please attach the completed self-disclosure form (writable pdf form) to your application.

For more information about application and admission, please have a look at our Application FAQ.

There will be new admission regulations for the winter semester 21/22. You can find the official Admission Regulations here. (not yet available)

SUMMARY of the Admission Regulations in English
(All information is subject to confirmation by the Senate Administration of Berlin.)

First Degree

You need to have an university degree (bachelor or equivalent), either from Germany or an equivalent foreign degree, in a higher education program comprising at least six semesters that qualifies to practice a profession.


Either you (1) did earn your university degree at an education institution where English is the language of instruction or (2) you are required to prove English language skills at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Computer Science, Bioinformatics & Programming Skills (25 CP)

You need at least 25 credits in computer science modules. Out of these, at least 10 credits need to be in modules in which you acquired knowledge in a imperative programming language, such as C/C++, Java or Python and at least 10 credits in the area of algorithms.

Mathematics/Statistics (25 CP)

You need at least 25 credits in mathematical modules. Out of these, at least 10 credits need to be in the area of linear algebra or analysis and at least 10 credits in the area of statistics.

Biology/Chemistry/Biochemistry (25 CP)

You need at least 25 credits in this area. Out of these, at least 10 credits need to be in the area of biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics.

Please note:
It is not possible for us to check all your documents in advance and give you a reliable assessment about whether your qualifications are sufficient for admission or not. But with the information provided above you should be able to assess your prospects quite well. In order to obtain a final decision about your eligibility you must submit an application.

More Questions?

Please read our FAQ