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Profile and Structure (MSc Bioinformatics, 2019-21)

Study and Examination Regulations

Profile of the Master’s Degree Program in Bioinformatics

  • Standard program duration: 4 semesters
  • Credits: 120
  • Language of instruction: English (international program)
  • Examinations are administered during the program
  • Academic degree awarded: Master of Science (M. Sc.)
  • This study program prepares graduates to work in research
  • Limited admissions
  • Further information


Basic studies (30 CP)

Three basic modules, 6 credit points each, must be done within the first semester. All three modules consist of a lecture (2 SWS = hours per week) and an exercise/tutorial (2 SWS):

  • Foundations in Computer Science
  • Foundations in Mathematics and Statistics
  • Foundations in Bio-Medicine

In addition, there is an introductory module provided (12 credit points). This introductory module consists of a lecture series (2 SWS) and a seminar (2 SWS):

  • Introduction to Focus Areas. This introduces three profile areas (Advanced Algorithms, Complex Systems and Data Science) and should support the basis of decision-making for the students own profile area.

Profile area (30 CP)

Starting in the second semester, students choose a profile area. Each profile area consists of:

The following modules are compulsory in the respective focus area:

Complex Systems:

  • Module: Complex Systems in Bioinformatics (10 CP)
  • V-Module: Complex Systems in Biomedical Applications (5 CP)

Data Science:

  • Module: Data Science in the Life Sciences (15 CP)

Advanced Algorithms:

  • Module: Advanced Algorithms for Bioinformatics (10 CP)
  • V-Module: Methods in Life Sciences (5 CP)

Elective area (30 CP)

In the elective area, profile modules and elective modules are offered.
From the list of optional modules can be chosen freely with the following restrictions:

  • Profile modules of at least 10 LP from the chosen profile area (Focus Area) must be completed.
  • At least one V-module (V-Modul) must be chosen and completed.
  • At least one practical module (Praxismodul) must be selected and completed

In addition, the compulsory modules of the non-selected profile areas can be chosen.

Master's thesis with accompanying colloquium (30 CP)

The Master thesis is usually written in the fourth semester. The processing time is 23 weeks. During this time, the students should give a 30-minute presentation on the progress of their work.