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Current Info Summer Semester 2023

Semester Notes

  • Official registration period for all courses in Campus Management is April 3 - May 05, 2023
    Booking in Campus Management is required for all courses! Some classes consist of more than one course (...1/2, ... a/b/c). For completing the corresponding module all courses must be booked.
  • Places in courses with space limitations will be allocated on Friday, April 14, beginning at 12:00 PM.
  • Some courses also require an additional registration in Whiteboard (Guide to Whiteboard System). If you can't find a course in Whiteboard, registration in Whiteboard is probably not needed. In case of doubt, please ask the lecturer.
  • The language of instruction in all master programs can be German or English. However, it has to be English if students without sufficient knowledge of German participate in a course. (There may be exceptions for courses that originate from other programs).
  • For more details on the study program, curriculum, study regulations etc., please have look on the page Profile and Structure.
  • If you're looking for a research internship or thesis, here are some suggestions.
  • If you have any general questions concerning the structure or organization of the program, please contact the course coordinator or the examination office. Questions about individual courses should always be directed to the instructor.
Please send email requests always from your official FU account! When making enquiries, always state your matriculation number so that we can find you in the system.

Course Catalog and Schedules

Second Semester Students


  • Ethics and Policy Questions (5 CP) 60103407

Depending on the chosen focus area, take at least one of the following modules/courses:

  • Complex Systems in Bioinformatics (10 LP) 19405201/02/11
  • Data Science in the Life Sciences (15 CP) 19405606/12
  • Advanced Algorithms for Bioinformatics (10 CP) 19405301/02/1

In addition, optional modules (profile modules and elective modules) can be chosen.

See also study schedules.

All Students

Students who started their studies before 2021:
Please note the changes to the study regulations.

Profile Modules:

Focus Area Complex Systems

  • Computational Systems Biology (Practical Module, 5 CP) CANCELED
    Computational Systems Biology (19400813)
  • Current Topics in Cell-Physiology (Practical Module, 5 CP)
    Current Topics in Cell-Physiology (60100613)
  • Human Evolution (V-Module, 10 CP)
    Human Evolution (23770a/b/c)

Focus Area Data Science

  • Applied Machine Learning in Bioinformatics (Practical Module, 5 CP)
    Applied Machine Learning in Bioinformatics (19403613)
  • Current topics in medical genomics (Practical Module, 5 CP)
    SARS-CoV-2 Bioinformatics & Data Science (19406213)
  • Machine Learning in Bioinformatics (V-Module, 5 CP)
    Machine Learning in Bioinformatics (19405701/02)
  • Complex Data Analysis in Physiology (V-Module, 5 CP)
    Complex Data Analysis in Physiology (60102701/02)
  • Advanced Biometrical Methods (V-Module, 5 CP)
    Statistical Methods in Small Sample Size (60102301/02)
    After booking, access to course material on Blackboard will be automatically granted within 24 hours.

Focus Area Advanced Algorithms

  • Applied Sequence Analysis (Practical Module, 5 CP)
    Applied Sequence Analysis (19400313)
  • Current topics in medical genomics (Practical Module, 5 CP)
    SARS-CoV-2 Bioinformatics & Data Science (19406213)

Elective Modules

Current research topics in Bioinformatics A/B/C (2 S, 5 CP)

  • Journal Club Computational Biology (19402911)
  • Computational Meta-Omics (19404811) CANCELED
  • Introduction to Computational Proteomics (19404511) CANCELED
  • Large-scale phylogeny inference (19406111)
  • Computational Cancer Research (19406311)
  • Journal Club Public Health Data Science (19406411)
  • Visual Computing with Information Theory (19333211)
  • Biological Data Visualization (19334111)
  • Seminar Deep Learning for biomedical applications (19333611)

Special aspects of Bioinformatics A/B/C (2 V, 2 Ü, 5 CP)

  • Statistical Methods in Small Sample Size (60102301/02)

Please select this module only if you have already used up module Advanced Biometrical Methods (V-Module, 5 CP)!

Please note: Elective modules are not assigned to Focus Areas!

According to the study regulations, at least one V-module and one practical module (Praxismodul) must be chosen from the range of optional modules. This refers to the whole study program, the Focus Area is irrelevant.

If you cannot locate a specific course in Campus Management, check the list above to see to which module(s) it is assigned to!

Example: The course (seminar) "Large-scale phylogeny inference" is assigned to the modules "Current research topics in Bioinformatics A", "Current research topics in Bioinformatics B" and "Current research topics in Bioinformatics C". Please choose the A module if possible. If A is not available (=already used by another course), the B module and if that is not available either, the C module.

Students Enrolled Under the Old (2012) Study Regulations

Observe the transition and recognition rules.

Please note: The old order has expired. Please change to the new regulations.