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Master Info Winter Semester 2020/2021

Semester Notes

  • Official registration period for all courses in Campus Management is October 1 - November 20, 2020
    Booking in Campus Management is required for all courses! Some classes consist of more than one course (...1/2, ... a/b/c). For recognition in the corresponding module all courses must be booked.
  • Some courses also require an additional registration in Whiteboard.(Guide to Whiteboard System). If you can't find a course in Whiteboard, a registration in Whiteboard is problably not needed. In case of doubt, please ask the lecturer.
  • Please note: Due to the current situation, no face-to-face session will take place until further notice! Teaching will continue to be offered mainly via video conference (Webex), with only a few face-to-face sessions.
    In the course catalog,
    • Webex meetings are indicated by a "Virtual Room xx". The final Meeting links will be provided through the lecturer, either on Whiteboard on Blackboard or by e-mail.
    • face-to-face-sessions are indicated by actual rooms.
  • The language of instruction in all master programs can be German or English. However, it has to be English if students without sufficient knowledge of German participate in a course. (There may be exceptions for courses that originate from other programs).
  • If you have any general questions concerning the stucture or organization of the program please contact the course coordinator or the examination office.

Course Catalog and Schedules

Newly Enrolled Students

Students Enrolled Under the Old (2012) Study Regulations

Please note: The courses offered in accordance with the old study regulations are guaranteed up to and including the summer semester 2021. After that, a change to the new study regulations should be made. For the transition, degrees according to the old study regulations will still be admitted up to and including summer semester 2022, so that Master's theses, for example, can still be completed. From winter semester 22/23 on, no more degrees according to the old study regulations are possible!
Of course, credits for the old regulations are still possible for the new study regulations.

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First Semester

  • Schedule (pdf)
  • Modules (=Courses)
    • Foundations in Computer Science, 2 V / 2 PS, 6 CP (19404901/02)
    • Foundations in Mathematics and Statistics, 2 V / 2 PS, 6 CP (19405001/02)
    • Foundations in Bio-Medicine, 2 V / 2 PS, 6 CP (60102401/02)
    • Introduction to Focus Areas, 2 V / 4 PS, 12 CP (19405106, 19405152)
      Until further notice: online teaching, only
      Start: November 9, 2020

Focus Area Complex Systems

Focus Area Data Science

Focus Area Advanced Algorithms

Further Info on Optional Modules

Optional modules are elective modules that can be taken in the elective area of your Focus Area (15 CP) and for the Supplementary Area (15 CP). Also, compulsory modules of the other two Focus Areas may be assigned to the Supplementary Area of a Focus Area.

If you cannot locate a specific course in Campus Management, check this list to see to which module(s) it is assigned to!