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Number Theory II - Summer term 2016

Time and place: Tuesdays, 14-18 in Arnimallee 3 SR 119/A3 (Note that time and place are changed)
Exercises: Fridays, 10-12 in Arnimallee 6 SR 009/A6.

First lecture: April 19

First exercise class: April 29  (no exercise class on Apr. 22)

Main topics of the course: number fields, ring of integers, class groups, Dirichlet unit theorem, if time permits also local fields.


  • Milne, James: Algebraic Number Theory (available here)
  • Neukirch, Jürgen: Algebraische Zahlentheorie, Springer Verlag (English translation also available)

Prerequisites:  Linear Algebra I+II, Algebra and Number Theory I.

Exam:  July 11, 8:00 (sharp!) -10:00 Uhr, Arnimallee 6 SR 031/A6

Rescue exam: October 17, 8:00 (sharp!) -10:00 Uhr, Arnimallee SR 032/A6. (Note that the room is changed)

Rules for the exam:

  • Everybody is free to do the exam in July or in October or both. In case a student passes the exam in July and tries again the exam in October the July grade will be erased and only the October grade will remain. 
  • You may bring two sheets of paper (DIN A4), each written by yourself and by hand with writing on both sides

Problem sets:

Problem sets Due
 Problem set 1 April 29  
 Problem set 2 May 6 
 Problem set 3 (new version) May 13 
 Problem set 4 (new version)  May 20
 Problem set 5 (new version) May 27
 Problem set 6 June 3
 Problem set 7 June 10
 Problem set 8 (new version) June 17
 Problem set 9 June 24
 Problem set 10 July 1
 Problem set 11 July 8

Remark on the lecture on May31st: pdf