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Unterstützung mehrerer Projekte in einer Saros-Sitzung

worked on by: Christian Dohnert


It is possible to share more than one project in a Saros session, but it is neither intuitve nor easy. The goal of this work is to gain better usability for sharing multiple projects in a Saros session.


Milestone no. Past days Date Goals target accomplished wrench
1 NEW 6 weeks 2010-11-26 Refactoring - Das Einladen zur Sitzung und Teilen eines Projekts technisch trennen accomplished
1 NEW 4 weeks Ende diesen Jahres Ein Projekt zu laufenden Sitzung hinzufügen in Arbeit
2 NEW 7 weeks 2011-01-13 Die Session mit mehreren Projekten Starten  
3 NEW 4 weeks 2011-02-10 Mehrere Projekte während der Session hinzufügen  

Weekly Reports

Week 1 (CW 41)


  • looking at Bugs (3065127 Plain text passwords & 3020822 Errors when renaming a Package)
  • tracking the invitation process of Saros


  • invitation process is very complex

Next Steps:

  • being release mangager


  • importing some packages didn't work

Week 2 (CW 42)


  • being release manager


  • version 10.10.29 released

Next Steps

  • have a closer look at the invitation process