Topic "Motivation"

The motivation of the individual to take on work in the Open Source community proves to be an interesting question. Why do individuals commit their valuable free time to write free software? We will look up the results of research on intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, the possiblity of "Flow" while programming and the sense of community that is said to be involved. This topic is to sum up all those findings and give a broad picture of the different reasons why people participate in OSS development projects.

Motivation is one of the most researched topic so far regarding Open Source. It could be that this topic is therefore split into two parts.

Key Questions

  • What leads individuals and companies to the decision to join the OSS movement?
  • Which factors in their work and community experience are important to sustain the motivation?
  • Are participants really acting altruistic or do they have certain selfish goals?
  • What keeps participants involved if more tedious kinds of work replace initial hacking?


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