This page provides LaTeX source files to create beamer presentations following the FU Corporate Design. This is what the final document will look like: main.pdf. The layout has been reviewed and commented by the FU CD team, however, they do not give any kind of support on these files.


Version History

  • v3, 27/01/2009, replaced FU logo by PDF version (scales better, makes file smaller), thanks to Patrik Marschalik
  • v2, 21/09/2008, bugfix for long/multi-line page titles, thanks to Carsten Gräser
  • v1, 21/09/2008, initial version by Tobias Pfeiffer


  • download and unzip
  • run
    pdflatex main.tex
    at least twice
  • edit main.tex to fit your needs and read the comments in there

Note: You can use the latex + dvips + ps2pdf workflow as well (which may be desired if you have some pstricks graphics, for example). To do so, you just have to do the following modifications:
  • Replace the pdf version of the FU logo by an eps one (available from the official Corporate Design website).
  • Replace the jpg version of the title image by an eps file (you probably want to change that image anyway).
Then the document should compile using latex without any other problems.


These are the files that are needed to create the example document:

The four files above are contained in the following archive:


  • This is probably not coded in the most elegant and robust manner… improvements are welcome!
  • Loading the sidebar theme, which shows a table of contents in a sidebar has some negative side-effects on page layout.
  • On the title page, there are some navigation symbols left; these are probably unwanted there.
  • Font color setting is ignored in the "Journal" part of a bibliography; a semi-transparent version of the \structure font is always used here.
  • Page titles which are too long will span across the FU logo. Multiline titles will enter the regular page body across the separation line. fixed in v2


putting the logo above the headline bar looks pretty poor. how about extending the green line of the logo to serve as the headline bar?

-- jwiedenh@PCPOOL/MI/FU-BERLIN.DE - 21 Sep 2008

Any extensions or modifications to the logo are super-forbidden by the CD. And it simply wouldn't look like the original PPT templates.

-- TobiasPfeiffer - 21 Sep 2008

To disable the navigation symbols on all pages, use \setbeamertemplate{navigation symbols}{}

-- TobiasPfeiffer - 02 Nov 2008

I would like to use pstricks and a production cycle latex → dvips → ps2pdf with the fu-beamer-template. How could this be done?

-- bartke@PCPOOL/MI/FU-BERLIN.DE - 29 Jan 2009

added instructions on how to use the template with latex + dvips + ps2pdf

-- TobiasPfeiffer - 08 Feb 2009

If you add \usefonttheme{professionalfonts} in the preamble, some of the letters in math mode will look nicer, especially such as i, I, l, which are usually a) a bit ugly and b) hard to recognize. Thanks to Patrik Marschalik for this hint!

-- TobiasPfeiffer - 22 Feb 2009

Herbert Voß hat ebenfalls eine FU-Beamer-Vorlage erstellt, die sich als documentclass oder als beamer-Theme verwenden lässt, siehe

-- TobiasPfeiffer - 12 Sep 2009

To remove the navigation symbols from the front page (actually, everywhere), you can use \setbeamertemplate{navigation symbols}{}. Thanks to Henning Rust for this hint!

-- TobiasPfeiffer - 20 Jan 2012

I suppose the '\\' in line 105 of fu-beamer-template.tex should be removed. These just generate warnings about overfull a '\hbox' but are not needed.

-- LeonardKNig - 13 May 2016

CD wurde aktualisiert, ich habe hier meine entsprechend angepasste Version:

-- LeonardKNig - 18 Oct 2017
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