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DILiS - Team

Prof. Dr. Katharina Baum (Chair)

Takustr. 9, R. 161
+49 30 838 55850
Office hours: Wednesday 9-10 am (after appointment via email)

Pauline Hiort (WiMi - PhD Student)

Takustr. 9, R. 160

Pascal Iversen (WiMi - PhD Student)

Takustr. 9, R. 160

Tanja Orth (Assistant)

Takustr. 9, R. 136

Flavio Morelli (Associated, guest, PhD Student)

Dr. Sukrit Gupta (Associated, guest)

Currently working on their theses with us

  • Maximilian Kleissl (HPI)
  • Tobias Pietz (HPI)
  • Georg von Arnim (FU)
  • Jan Ehlting (FU)
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