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JavaView currently reads and writes the following geometry and configuration files. Some geometry file format are supported partially only.


Jvx, Bd, Byu, Dxf, Fe, Mgs, Mpl, Obj, Off, Stl, Wrl, Jvd, Jvr


Jvx, Byu, Fe, Mgs, Mpl, Obj, Off, Stl, Wrl

File Formats

Jvx Geometry file format for points, curves, surfaces and volumes in n-dimensional space. Default format of JavaView to store one or more geometries and animations. (XML based) (example)
Bd In-house format to describe surface in terms of macro patches including time-dependent grids. Supplemental file format used in JavaView. (example)
Byu Classic Brigham Young University file format for surfaces in 3D. (example)
Dxf AutoCAD geometry objects. (partial implementation) (example)
Fe Ken Brakke's Surface Evolver geometry file format for variation problems with boundary constraints. (partial implementation, scripting ignored, no parameters) (example)
Mgs Mathematica graphics objects may be piped into JavaView or read from file. Use JavaView's add-on packages for Mathematica to save/load graphics in the MGS format from within Mathematica. (description pending) (example)
Mpl Maple graphics objects may be piped into JavaView or read from file. Use JavaView's add-on packages for Maple to save/load graphics in the MPL format from within Maple. (description pending) (example)
Obj Popular geometry format 3D geometry file format for surfaces in 3D originally used in Wavefront's Advanced Visualizer and now by Sun's Java3D. The JavaView loader supports the restricted specification by Sun. (example)
Off OFF file format in the specification of GeomView. (note: originally an OFF file format was invented at DEC but this seems to be different from the version later used by GeomView) (example)
Stl Popular format for CAD surface models in 3D, especially for stereo-lithography models, rather inefficient storage. (example)
Wrl Popular VRML file format for interactive scene (partial implementation of Vrml 2.0, scripting ignored, Vrml 1.0 unsupported). (example)

Further, JavaView uses the following file formats for its own configuration.

Jvd Camera and display settings of JavaView. Load and save in the same way as a geometry file. (example)
Jvr Configuration of a JavaView application includes author information, preferred window size and positions, font usage, menu selection and others. (not released yet)


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