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This section describes various settings that are available inside the JavaView application or as launch parameters.

Launch Parameters

Performance Issues

In order to accelerate the rendering process of very large models (>50K - 500K triangles) it is apparently possible to just disable pre-sorting functionality of the Z-buffer mode. Tests with models of size about 150K triangles give about 50% better performance. To do so just set SORTING=OFF in the display inspector.

Settings for large models:

  1. Z-buffer = ON (Inspector → Display)
  2. sorting = OFF (Inspector → Display)
  3. smooth colors = OFF (Method → Color → Show smooth element colors)
  4. smooth lightning = OFF (Method → Color → Show smooth lightning)

The key binding toggles a Frames/Sec display. This needs a short time to generate enough samples for measuring. The overlay vanishes as soon as the user interacts with the display again.


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