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Starting from Version v4.91.003, JavaView can have different default sizes und positions of its windows.

Monitor Type

The easiest and preferred method to change the default size of the project panel is setting the monitor type, i.e. the rough overall size in dependence of the monitor you are working on. Currently, the class jv.rsrc.PsJavaView defines six categories (VGA, SVGA, …, UXGA). For each of these monitor types there are settings in PsJavaView for all important JavaView windows and dialogs. The larger the screen, the larger the windows. Setting the monitor type is the preferred method to insure that all applets are displayed equally well on different devices.

  1. Setting the monitor type using the applet, respectively command parameters via
  2. Directly in jv.rsrc.PsJavaView via
    public static void setMonitorType(int type) { m_monitorType = type ; }
  3. In the launch configuration by the argument

Direct Manipulation of Window Size (discouraged)

The method jv.rsrc.PsJavaView#setWindowSize enables the setting of sizes of all windows and dialogs of the current monitor type:
* Set default position and size a window or dialog of the current active monitor type.
* @param        windowId          Identifier of a window as specified in PsJavaView, e.g. WINDOW_CONTROL.
* @param        windowSize       position and dimension of dialog resp. window.
* @see              #getMonitorType()
* @see              #setMonitorType(int)
* @version       27.02.18, 1.00 created (kp)
public                 static boolean setWindowSize(int windowId, int [] windowSize) {


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