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Project description: The ScatterWeb software bundle was made for the 5 modules below. The bundle was split into two parts to allow fast prototyping and fast in field development. The first part is the firmware, it holds everything that is needed for the initialisation of the hardware and the communication with the application part. On the other hand we have the application where the logical behaviour of a buoy, node or gateway is stored. The last part of this page has some external links, where you can find other related projects.
Hardware to use with: Embedded Chip Radio, Embedded Sensor Board, Embedded Eye, Embedded Gate/USB, Embedded Gate/Web
Documents: User Guide
  First Steps
Source Code: Latest source
  Package and latest source
  ScatterWeb v3.3 changelog
  ScatterWeb v3.2 changelog
  ScatterWeb v3.1 changelog
  ScatterWeb v3.0 changelog
  ScatterWeb v2.3 changelog
  ScatterWeb v2.2 changelog
  ScatterWeb v2.1 changelog
  ScatterWeb v2.0 changelog

Additional software:


The ScatterStudio is an applicaton that can monitor the node output of a connected device. This programm has the ability to load plug-ins, to fullfill specific duties. Or to give a customer an easy to use programm that interacts with the network.

Application: ScatterStudio v3.2
  ScatterStudio v3.1
  ScatterStudio v3.0
  ScatterStudio v2.0
  ScatterStudio v3.3


The ScatterViewer can:

  • Data Logging
  • Node Managing
  • OTA Flashing
  • Net-Scanning
  • ScatterRouting
The ScatterViewer can be used in the following ways:
  • As embedded applet: upload the ScatterViewer on the eGate/WEB and
    use it browser-based
  • As executable program: run the ScatterViewer local to gain access to
    eGate/USB (via COM) or eGate/WEB (via IP)
  • As hosted applet: host the ScatterViewer on the internet without
    uploading on the eGate/WEB
Application: ScatterViewer v2.0