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Embedded Gate Web

Embedded Gate Web

modulnamecircuit diagramm
Status:   inactive
CPU:   MSP430
Radio:   TR1001
Operating elements:  
  • 2 LEDs
  • none
  • none
  • 1 Molex
  • Radio antenna
  • LAN (Digi ConnectMe)
Lifetime:   2005 - now

This Embedded Gateway has the same functions as the other gateways but is directly plugable to a LAN cable. It can provide collected data straight to the internet or to a local area network without a connected PC. Where the data is available depends on the routes that are freed for communication. The integrated "DIGI connectME" WebServer provides a frontend to the underlaying web of sensors. Not to mention that the field of application for this combination is countless. It starts with monitoring nodes over the internet and can fulfill steering mechanisms for complex environments.

Data can be collected via radio from other sensor boards. On the other hand the Embedded Gateway can control and steer other devices over the TR1001 radio.

The onboard MSP430 can process the collected data and then send it to a server or another device that is connected via LAN or radio.

This gateway is powered by POE (power over Ethernet). So there is no need for a battery, which makes it maintenance-free and failur safe. If the infrastructure (LAN) is available this gateway is online and can fulfill it's tasks.