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Embedded Chip Radio

Embedded Chip Radio

modulnamecircuit diagramm
Status:   inactive
CPU:   MSP430
Radio:   TR1001
Operating elements:  
  • 1 LEDs
  • SHT11
  • movement detector CM 1800
  • 8 digital IO
  • serial connection
  • JTAG
Lifetime:   2004 - 2005

The Embedded Chip Radio node realizes a modular approach to sensor networking. In oposite to the Embedded Sensor Board nodes, the ECR modules only have a temperature- and a vibration sensor onboard. But they do provide 8 digital I/O ports for custom sensors to be attached on top of the basic ECR node.

The software running on the ECR nodes is basically the same as on the ESB nodes. Because the ECR also uses the low-power MSP430 controller.