Research seminar SoSe 2017

Topic: Langlands correspondence for function fields

Time: Thursdays 10am-12pm

Place: SR 130 Arnimallee 3

Organization: Marco D'Addezio, Michael Groechenig und Raju Krishnamoorthy

Program: program


20. April  Overview: Langlands/function fields  Michael or Raju
27. April  Tate’s thesis for function fields, I  Yun

04. May

 Tate’s thesis for function fields, II  Yun
11. May  Automorphic side, I  Simon
18. May  Automorphic side, II  Marco
01. June  The stack of bundles: Bun_G  Lei
08. June  Shtukas for GL2, I  Fabio
15. June  Shtukas for GL2, II  Tanya
22. June*  The cohomology of the stack of Shtukas  Marco and Su
29. June  From the classical Langlands programme to its geometric counterpart  Fei
06. July  Geometric Class Field Theory  Shane
? July  Shtukas for reductive groups and general ideas of V. Lafforgue proof  Michael
13. July  Drinfeld modules  Marcin
20. July  Analytic moduli space of Drinfeld's Modules and heir cohomology  Raju

*22. June: double session: 9:30 - 12:30