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Forschungsseminar Wintersemester 2014/15

Topic: "Chow groups of zero cycles over p-adic fields"

Time: Thursday, 10am-12pm c.t.

Place: SR 005/A3

Coordination: Kay Rülling and Jean-Baptiste Teyssier

Program: here


Date Title Speaker
October 23 Introduction Lars
October 30 The extraordinary inverse image functor Lei
November 6 Etale Homology Gabriel
November 13 The cycle map Elena
November 20 Kato Homology Lars
November 27 The vanishing theorem (notes) Jean-Baptiste
December 04 The Bertini theorem over a dvr Sina
December 11 Surjectivity of the cycle map Lars
December 18 A moving lemma (notes) Jean-Baptiste
January 8 Proof of theorem 2, Part I Kay
January 15 Proof of theorem 2, Part II Kay
January 22 Group of rational points of abelian varieties Sina
January 29 Another moving lemma Inder
February 5 Proof of theorem 1 Lei