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CIBI - SeqAn is part of the German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastracture de.NBI


CIBI - SeqAn


Progress in medicine and life sciences becomes more and more dependent on complex workflows for data analysis. The immensely increasing amount of data that scientists are faced with demands a continuous improvement in these workflows as well as efficient algorithms and tools.

CIBI maintains the bioinformatic resources SeqAn and OpenMS and the workflow engine KNIME, supporting their users and software developers in the fields of proteomics, metabolomics, and High-Througput sequencing. CIBI provides innovative tools for data analysis in combination with a workflow engine. Furthermore, CIBI offers high-quality software libraries that enable software developers to rapidly implement new algorithms for the analysis of multi-omics experiments.


SeqAn is a globally used C++ library that enables the rapid and targeted creation of analysis programs for genomic and proteomic data. In addition, there is a range of ready-to-use analysis tools that are created with the help of SeqAn and made available to the bioinformatics community in Germany and Europe (Elixir).