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31.01.01 Heidtke, Karsten R.: A Semi-Quantitative, Qualitative Simulation Environment for Molecular Biology

07.02.01 Schmidt, Roland: Teichmüller's moduli problem of the once punctured tori and the sprectral theory of automorphic functions

09.02.01 Herwig, Ralf: Large-scale information theoretic clustering with application to the analysis of genetic fingerprinting data

13.02.01 Schwerk, Thomas: NELION: A Non-Linear Stock Prediction and Portfolio Management System

30.05.01 Petzoldt, Martin: Regularity and error estimators for elliptic problems with discontinuous coefficients

18.07.01 Krause, Rolf Hermann: Monotone Multigrid Methods for Signorini's Problem with Friction

18.07.01 Weiser, Martin: Function Space Complementarity Methods for Optimal Control Problems

17.10.01 Brose, Gerald: Access Control Mangagement in Distributed Object Systems

07.11.01 Huisinga, Wilhelm: Mestability of Markovian systems

13.12.01 v. Klinski, Sebastian: Modellbasierte Ausertung von dreidimesionalen Schnittbilddaten der Orbita

Last modified: 21.08.2002