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Increase in efficiency of Free software projects through information management

Goal of the thesis

The goal of the semester thesis is:

  • The definition of a (light-weight) process enhancement, which is suitable for the Open Source development model.
  • The installation of the defined process enhancement in a represential project of the F/OSS community
  • Testing or rather capturing the qualitative advantages (as well as eventual disadvantages) in the studied project.
  • Finally the process enhancement should be made available as a reusable tool for other F/OSS projects

The following considerations have already been done:

  • The extension or enhancement of the existing process should have no or minimal impact on the work of the developers
  • The enhancement and the resulting process has to fit to the development philosophy of F/OSS
  • The starting-point will be human deficiencies like forgetfulness and lack of organisation, as well as attributes of the communication channels (e.g. decisions made in long mailing-list threads are hardly to comprehend for non-involved persons), which should be lowered by the work of a to-be defined role and possible tool usage
  • For example the enhancements of the process should help to
    • making decision-making processes and their results comprehensible and
    • delivering newbies means for rapid orientation inside the project
  • The pre-formulated solution is „informations management“

Bonus-Task (if interested in publication):
  • Testing reusability by applying the process enhancement in other F/OSS projects

Results of the thesis


If you are interested in this project and would like to know more, feel free to contact: