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Image of Tatjana Heuser, 2000


R. Dietze, T. Heuser, J. Schilling, OpenSolaris für Anwender, Administratoren und Rechenzentren. Springer-Verlag, erschienen März 2006 Cover of Solaris Book


Signature and Encryption Keys

The keyring can be downloaded either as a complete set of all six Keys, encryption keys only, or signature keys only.

Mail Address KEY ID Fingerprint 2DCC2FFA DE2E B309 293A D8A8 2188 15F6 7EDC 6A32 2DCC 2FFA 21281D0F FA 74 7D 90 2E 8F 00 CC 7B 6C 33 97 F7 FA 8D 20 D086446B EE95 6AB8 88FB 7F42 F453 D819 29CD 0DE0 D086 446B
RSA/AES-256 Signature 6400A34F 71D4 E83C 8E8B 8C61 B852 ADA7 5136 1C39 6400 A34F
RSA/IDEA Signature 4B3BE91D DF B8 40 26 28 40 33 F6 2E 1D 90 96 1B F1 12 5A
DH/DSS Signature 8F56F6C6 6CE9 4E2F C76A 9892 4F99 967B 66B1 EFC7 8F56 F6C6
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