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Dipl.-Inf. Patrick T. Chmielewski ptc

- external research associate -

patrick.chmielewski [at]

My Research Focus

Why is it, that some developers like to work in agile environments, like to pair with their colleagues, love open requirements and the opportunity to bring in own ideas and implement features based on KISS and YAGNI, while on the other hand other developers need fully defined requirements or tend to work alone, read and write tons of documents and hate to throw away code, that was assumed to be already finished.

While there is nothing wrong with both groups, it’s worth to find out, what is driving them and what leads into this very different way of work.

The focus of my research is to find out, what influence different personality traits have to which degree on the software development environments and processes. Is there something like a perfect personality for software developers or even agile software developers?

Diploma Thesis

Methoden zur kontinuierlichen Performance-Messung bei der agilen Entwicklung von Web-Anwendungen (german) PDF
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