Examination Board

The exam board is in responsible for course recognition and issues concerning courses and exams.


With questions concerning Campus Management, official forms, registration to modules, etc please contact the Office of Examination (https://www.imp.fu-berlin.de/fbv/pruefungsbuero/index.html).

With questions concerning the profile area Life Science please contact Dr. Sandro Andreotti (https://www.mi.fu-berlin.de/en/inf/groups/abi/members/_former-members/andreotti.html).

With questions concerning the profile area Data Science Technologies please contact Prof. Tim Landgraf (https://www.mi.fu-berlin.de/inf/groups/ag-ki/members/Professoren/Tim_Landgraf.html).


The members can be found on the department website for the examination board MSc Data Science:

Member list.

Important Aspects in the choice of courses

Ungraded Modules

During your studies some ECTS must be unmarked. The rules for the MSc Data Science are as follows.
  • For all tracks the modules Statistics (10 ECTS), Introduction to Focus Areas (5 ECTS), Programming for Data Science (5 ECTS) and Ethical Foundations of Data Science (5 ECTS) are unmarked.
  • The tracks Life Science and Social Science have in addition the module Research Practice (10 ECTS) which is unmarked.
  • In the Technologies Track no further unmarked modules are mandatory.
According to the study regulations the Technologies track has 25 ECTS unmarked while both, the Life Science and the Social Science tracks have 35 ECTS unmarked.

Master's Thesis

For your Master's thesis you need to find a supervisor. Often this will be the instructor of a project you did. Together with your supervisor you must specify the topic and mode of working. If you want to write your thesis in a company, you also need a supervisor at the university, who must agree with the topic. Find a supervisor before starting to work on your thesis.

Thesis reviewers

You need two reviewers for your Master's thesis. The first will be your supervisor, the second must be another person to mark your thesis. Requirements for the reviewers are:
  • The first reviewer must be your supervisor. He or she must be a professor or a lecturer at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the FU Berlin, and should be relatable to the topic of your thesis and to data science.
  • The second reviewer can be a professor or lecturer in a closely related field at any university.

Colloquium for your MSc thesis

According to the study rules, a MSc thesis must be 'accompanied' by a presentation. Of course, there can be various presentations for your supervisor. We recommend that the official presentation takes places after submission of the written thesis to present the results. It counts as part of the thesis work towards the mark of your thesis.

You should get in touch with your supervisors to arrange for the date and time of your presentation. Please announce your presentation to the department following the common practice for the Computer Science defenses, for which you should have received email invitations.

Extending the submission deadline of your Master's thesis (RSPO §19(2))

Free translation of the German text: If the thesis cannot be submitted before the deadline due to illness or other external reasons, which the student is not responsible for and which were not known initially, reduce the time worked on the thesis, an application for deadline extension can be submitted.

  • Discuss the request for deadline extension with your supervisor
  • Send your request containing the following details to the head of the exam board
    • Name
    • Matriculation number
    • Title of your MSc thesis
    • Current deadline
    • Reasons for the need to extend the deadline (the reason must be outside the reach of the student. This reason cannot be "I don't have enough time")
    • Duration of the deadline extension and why this is adequate
    • Subject: Deadline Extension MSc DS <NAME>
  • Please send this as plain text email to your supervisor
  • The supervisor should comment (support) the request and forward it to the head of the exam board
  • The head of the exam board returns the decision to both, the candidate and the supervisor as well as in copy to the exam board.

Beware that you will be usually granted an extension only once, hence submit your request at the right time. It takes a few days to process your request. You should apply the latest two weeks before the deadline.

Course recognition

Please address requests concerning course recognition for the profile area Life Science to Dr. Sandro Andreotti (https://www.mi.fu-berlin.de/en/inf/groups/abi/members/_former-members/andreotti.html).

Please address requests concerning course recognition for the profile area Data Science Technologies to Prof. Claudia Schillings (https://www.mi.fu-berlin.de/math/groups/naspde/members/claudia_schillings.html).


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