Fr, 18.02.2016: Information fingerprints in socio-technical systems

Dr. Markus Luczak-Rösch, University of Southampton, Electronics and Computer Science (ECS), (eingeladen von Adrian Paschke)

Takustr. 9, Raum 049, 11:00 bis ca. 12:00

In the book 'Weaving the Web' the inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, described the genesis of what has now become the world's largest information system in existence. One can separate this book in roughly three parts describing the evolution from (1) a Web of hypertext documents, over (2) a Web of Data (the Semantic Web) towards (3) a socio-technical space that enables what Berners-Lee called Social Machines. As a successor to the significant number of research projects on the hypertext Web and the Web of Data, the project SOCIAM ( is the world's first and largest project to investigate a principled theory and practice of Social Machines. Lead by Sir Nigel Shadbolt and involving Sir Tim Berners-Lee as a co-investigator, SOCIAM brings together researchers from the Universities of Southampton, Oxford and Edinburgh. In this talk I will present one specific line of research within SOCIAM focusing on large-scale collective actions, which have in common that, even though there is some common topic or goal hovering above the information sharing activities of the individuals (e.g. coordinating help in disaster response or optimizing travel routes of people being affected by traffic disruptions), people are not necessarily talking with each other or along social ties (especially in critical situations when time to make decisions is rare). This suggests that there exists unintended collective action that is the substrate of the accumulated information sharing behavior of individuals. I will introduce Transcendental Information Cascades, an approach to formalize coincidence in information sharing rather than socially-determined conditional cascading. Through the investigation of microscopic patterns this methods is meant to provide insight into the macroscopic state of Web-based information systems in situations when contextual features are missing or patchy.


Fr, xx.xx.2014: Titel

Vortragende/r, Herkunftsorganisation, (eingeladen von Einladende/r)

Takustr. 9, Raum xx, 14:15 bis ca. 15:45



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