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14:00 - 16:00 Arnimallee 6 SR 031

16:00 - 18:00 Takustr. 9 R 006

Questions and topics

Please put your questions or things you want to discuss here. The plan is not to have a pure lecture but rather an interactive discussion where you help to explain stuff to others and vice versa.


  • practice modeling problems as CSP, SAT or ILP (similar to the bin packing exercise)
  • when is an inequality facet defining (in general and in particular for the MWT problem)
  • how to find facet defining inequalities / cutting planes
  • difference mixed cycle / critical mixed cycle
  • how to find clique inequalities from the Pair graph

Tree Decomposition

  • how to give a bound on the treewidth of a graph
  • how to find the treewidth of a graph


  • open addressing

Maximum Flow

  • Ford-Fulkerson algorithm


An example with GreedTreeCore Algorithm.

-- Main.sulav - 09 Feb 2012

- How to generate a Pairgraph - Duality: What if a primal problem is min?

-- Main.fkreuchw - 09 Feb 2012
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