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Teaching in the Winter Term 2020/21

News from Oct 22, 2020

Dear students,

We would like to give you an overview of our courses in the winter term 2020/2021. Detailed information for each course are available at Winter Term 2020/21.

Lectures with Exercise: Human-Centered Data Science

This semester, we offer a very new course Human-Centered Data Science, which takes place weekly as a lecture and exercise. We will cover topics like machine bias, research reproducibility, FATE (fairness, accountability, transparency & ethics), but also privacy and security in data science.

Lectures with Exercise: Data Visualization

The course Data Visualization, which usually takes place as a semester course, took place as a block course from 5th October to 23rd October 2020. Check out the course page with the results or the GitHub repository for more information.

Software Project: Coding IxD: Designing Neoanalog Artefacts

Unfortunately, the course Software Project: Coding IxD: Designing Neoanalog Artefacts will not take place this year. Read more about why in one of our last blog posts.

Proseminar: Interactive Intelligent Systems

The proseminar Interactive Intelligent Systems (IIS) is aimed at bachelor students and mainly includes writing a seminar paper and giving scientific talks. Interactive Intelligent Systems comprise a wide variety of systems or approaches such as AI-infused systems, recommender systems, mixed-initiative user interfaces, or intelligent agents. In this seminar, we are concerned with the design, realization, or evaluation of these systems and look especially into topics related to HCI methods.

Seminar: Critical social media analysis using mixed methods

The seminar Critical social media analysis using mixed methods is targeted towards master students and deals with different techniques (interpretative, machine learning) to analyze data from social networks. Thematically, we will focus on online discussions debating climate change and info/disinfo related to COVID-19.

Research Seminar: Human-Centered Computing

Each semester we offer our research seminar Human-centered computing. In principle, the seminar is open to all interested parties. All members of the HCC.lab, as well as all students writing their BSc/MSc thesis with us, should participate. If you are interested write an E-Mail to Phil Wernberger.

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