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Cancellation of the interdisciplinary course Coding IxD

News from Aug 13, 2020

We cannot offer our Course Coding IxD in the Winter Semester 2020/21, unfortunately. The course concept relies on interdisciplinary teams from computer science and product design who collaboratively work on a design challenge based on a balanced set of methods. This year, we can not implement our didactic concept for two reasons. First, the FU Berlin delayed the start of the teaching activity to November, but not the Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin (KHB), which results in a four-week difference. Second, current Corona-related regulations make interdisciplinary teamwork challenging since a direct exchange is probably not feasible.

This cancelation is a great pity because we can see the urgent need for precisely this type of collaboration. However, we will use the break to improve our didactic concept further and finally improve our web presence. We'll be back in the Winter Semester 2021/22 - then with new momentum.

The results of last year's course are on the KHB website.

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