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Proseminar: Interactive Intelligent Systems


InstructorProf. Dr. Claudia Müller-Birn
Contact PersonAlexa Schlegel
Roomtakes place online
StartNov 02, 2020 | 10:00 AM
endFeb 22, 2021 | 12:00 PM

Monday 10 am - 12 pm

Student Profile

Bachelor Students


Jameson, A., & Riedl, J. (2011). Introduction to the Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems. TiiS, 1(1), 1–6. http://doi.org/10.1145/2030365.2030366

Terveen, L. G. (1995). Overview of human-computer collaboration. Knowledge-Based Systems, 8(2-3), 67–81. http://doi.org/10.1016/0950-7051(95)98369-H

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Interactive Intelligent Systems (IIS) are interactive systems that use artificial intelligence technologies (e.g., from natural language processing). In this seminar, we are concerned with the design, realization, or evaluation of these systems. We combine the complementary perspectives on interactive intelligent systems by considering the used AI technology, user interaction with the system, or both aspects at once. Interactive Intelligent Systems comprise a wide variety of systems or approaches such as AI-infused systems, recommender systems, mixed-initiative user interfaces, or intelligent agents.

Each term, we deal with another particular topic related to the field of Interactive Intelligent Systems field. However, in any case, we focus on a human-centered perspective. We emphasize the interaction between the technical system and the human user in order to explore existing capabilities and limitations in the field of human-computer interaction.

At the beginning of the semester, we provide a general introduction to this year's particular topic. Building on this, we will open up existing approaches, methods, and implementations in the form of student talks ad create a mindmap of the particular topic collaboratively. Each participant is expected to prepare independently, present, and discuss their topic with the class. Based on the results of the discussion, students have to create a written scientific report, which gets evaluated.

Here you can find our Code of Conduct.

All course material is in the following GitLab wiki.


01 | 05.11.2020 - Introduction to the course 02 | 12.11.2020 - Paper Discussion I
  • Topic: What is IIS?
  • INPUT: How to organize your research?
03 | 19.11.2020 - Paper Discussion II
  • Topic: HCI methods and IIS
  • Topic Assignment
  • HANDS-ON: Zotero
04 | 26.11.2020 - no class 05 | 03.12.2020 - Status Pitch by Students
  • INPUT: How to write a good paper?
  • INPUT: How to write a summary?
06 | 10.12.2020 - Peer-Review: Summaries 07 | 17.12.2020 - Recap: Mini-Talks about WA 08 | 07.01.2021 - Hands on: Best practices in Latex (optional) 09 | 14.01.2021 Consultation Hour (optional) 10 | 21.01.2021 - Presentations I
  • HCI & AI - General understanding of HCI and its relation to IIS/AI (Michael de la Fontaine) - Slides (PDF)
    Essay: "Finding HCI frameworks suitable for developing effective HAI systems through the lens of the Third Paradigm of HCI" (PDF)
  • HCD - User/human-centered Design Process and challenges when designing human-AI interaction (Marc Oprisiu) - Slides (PDF)
    Essay: "User/Human-Centered Designprozess und Herausforderungen bei der Gestaltung der Mensch-KI-Interaktion" (PDF)
11 | 28.01.2021 - Presentations II
  • PD - Participatory Design in the context of conversational agents (Amr Dargham) - Slides (PDF)
    Essay: "Participatory Design in Context of Conversational Agents" (PDF)
  • PD and ML - Participatory Machine Learning - ML as a service in Wikipedia (Petrit Vidishigi)
    Essay: "ORES Design philosophy outside the Wikimedia Bubble" (PDF)
  • VSD - Value sensitive design for social justice and fairness (Bernadette Keßler) - Slides (PDF)
    Essay: "Value Sensitive Design for social justice and fairness - Limitations and complementing design approaches" (PDF)
12 | 04.02.2021 - Presentations III
  • RD - Reflective Design (Linus Ziegert) - Slides (PDF)
    Essay: "Essay - Reflective Design" (PDF)
  • Critical Design (Sven Wegner) - Slides (PDF)
    Essay: "Critical Design als Human Centred Design Ansatz" (PDF)
  • RtD - Research through Design
13 | 11.02.2021 - Presentations IV
  • Cognitive Walkthrough (Jana Kunze) - Slides (PDF)
    Essay: "The Cognitive Walkthrough Method and its Application to Interactive Intelligent Systems" (PDF)
  • HE - Heuristic evaluation of interactive machine learning systems (Jan Zabel) - Slides (PDF)
    Essay: "Heuristic evaluation of interactive machine learning systems" (PDF)
  • Usability Testing - Evaluation of conversational user interfaces (Karim Ismail) - Slides (PDF)
14 | 18.02.2021 - Presentations V
  • Wizard of OZ - A method for prototyping and testing speech user interfaces (Julius Harms) - Slides (PDF)
    Essay: "Wizard of Oz - A method for prototyping and testing speech user interfaces" (PDF)
  • Rapid prototyping - Prototyping and evaluation of intelligent environments
  • Dark Patterns - UI Design Patterns for IIS (Abd Alah Fahed) - Slides (PDF)
    Essay: "Dark Patterns" (PDF)
15 | 25.02.2021 - Feedback, Recap, Outlook