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Amendment of study and examination regulations (2021)

In October 2021, a slight change in the study and examination regulations for the Master's program in Bioinformatics came into effect. This does not change the course offerings, but some of the courses are assigned to other modules. Students remain in the 2019 regulations and all their previous coursework is unaffected. Nothing is changed retroactively in the assignments. Example: The old module (which is no longer used): "Current research topics in Data Science" is assigned to Focus Area "Data Science" and can be used as a profile module for this area.
A transitional regulation is therefore not necessary.

The following changes apply:

  • The division into study areas has been changed: The profile area has been reduced from 45 to 30 CP, the supplementary area has been dropped. Instead, there is a elective area (30 CP) consisting of (optional) profile modules and elective modules.
  • In the elective area, courses amounting to at least 10 CP from the student's own focus area must be completed.
  • The elective modules (cover modules) have been renamed and are not assigned to any Focus Areas.

These changes are intended to increase studyability. In particular, it should be avoided that certain courses cannot be taken because they are assigned to a module that has already been completed. Therefore, the courses of the cover modules have been assigned to several modules of the same type, marked by A, B or C. Please choose a course under the A-module if possible. If the A-module is not available (=already used by another course), choose the B-module. And only if the B module is also not available, the C-module.

Please keep in mind: You can use each module for only one course! If you have successfully completed this course, the module is used up!

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