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Assignments of Courses

Assignment of courses to modules 

All courses are assigned to modules, often (but not always) the title is identical.

Please note: There is a difference between courses and modules. Modules are generally defined by the study regulations, they serve as a kind of containers for the courses. Courses always refer to a specific semester and must be assigned to modules. As a consequence, modules and courses can have different titles in some cases (especially "cover modules" s. below and associated courses). In addition, some courses can be assigned to several modules, and some modules may be associated with more than one course. Each module can only be completed once, even if different courses are offered under the same module!

Assignment of modules to focus areas, (SPO 2019, ÄO 21)

Profile modules are assigned to focus areas.

Assignment to focus areas: CS = Complex systems, DS = Data Science, AA = Advanced Algorithms

Elective modules are not assigned to focus areas. These are "cover modules" (marked in color in the list), to which different courses are regularly assigned.

According to the study regulations, at least one V-module and one practical module (Praxismodul) must be chosen from the range of optional modules.

Note for students under the old study regulations (2012): Please follow the rules of the old regulations and observe the transition and recognition rules.