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Appendix - Acronyms


Appendix - Acronyms

3GPP                    Third Generation Partnership Project

AAL                     ATM Adaptation Layer

ABR                     Available BitRate

ACF                      Association Control Function

ACH                     Access feedback CHannel

ACID                    Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability

ACK                     ACKnowledgement

ACL                     Asynchronous Connectionless Link

ACT                     Ad-hoc Controller Terminal

ADA                     Alias DA

ADSL                   Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

AES                      Advanced Encryption Standard

AESA                   ATM End System Address

AFS                      Andrew File System

AGCH                  Access Grant CHannel

AIB                      Alias Information Base

AID                      Acknowledgement IDentifier

AIDCS                  AID CheckSum

AK-HCPDU         AcKnowledgement HCPDU

AM                       Amplitude Modulation

AMA                    Active Member Address

AMES                   ATM Mobility Extension Service

AMPS                   Advanced Mobile Phone System

ANSI                    American National Standards Institute

AODV                  Ad hoc On-demand Distance Vector

AP                                    Access Point

APC                     AP Controller

APCF                   AP Control Function

APCM                  AP Connection Management

APCP                   AP Control Protocol

APT                      AP Transceiver

ARIB                    Association of Radio Industries and Broadcasting

ARQ                     Automatic Repeat reQuest

ARQN                  ARQ sequence Number

ASA                     Alias SA

ASCH                   Association Control CHannel

ASCI                    Advanced Speech Call Items

ASCII                   American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASK                     Amplitude Shift Keying

ASP                      Active Server Page

Assoc                    Association

AT                        ATtention sequence

ATIM                   Ad-hoc TIM

ATM                     Asynchronous Transfer Mode

ATMC                  ATM Connection function

AuC                      Authentication Centre

AUS                     AUthentication Server

Auth                      Authentication

BCA                     Borrowing Channel Allocation

BCCH                   Broadcast CCH

BCH                     Broadcast CHannel

BCH                     Bose-Chaudhuri-Hocquenghem

BER                      Bit Error Rate

BFSK                    Binary FSK

B-ISDN                Broadband ISDN

BLI                       Block Length Indicator

BLIR                    Block Length Indicator Replica

BLIRCS                BLIR CheckSum

BMP                     BitMaP

BNEP                   Bluetooth Network Encapsulation Protocol

BPSK                   Binary PSK

BRAN                  Broadband Radio Access Networks

BSC                      Base Station Controller

BSS                      Base Station (Sub)system

BSS                      Basic Service Set

BSSAP                 BSS Application Part

BSSGP                  BSS GPRS Protocol

BTS                      Base Transceiver Station

BTSM                   BTS Management

BW                       BackWard

CAC                     Channel Access Control

CAC                     Connection Admission Control

CAC                     Channel Access Code

CAMEL                Customized Application for Mobile Enhanced Logic

CATV                   Community Antenna Television

CBR                     Constant BitRate

CC                        Call Control

CC                        Country Code

CC/PP                  Composite Capabilities/Preference Profiles

CCA                     Clear Channel Assessment

CCCH                   Common CCH

CCF                      Call control and Connection Function

CCH                     Control CHannel

CCIR                    Consultative Committee for International Radiocommunication

CCK                     Complementary Code Keying

CD                        Compact Disc

CDM                    Code Division Multiplexing

CDMA                  Code Division Multiple Access

CDPD                   Cellular Digital Packet Data

CDV                     Cell Delay Variation

CEPT                    European Conference for Posts and Telecommunications

CGI                       Common Gateway Interface

CGSR                   Clusterhead-Gateway Switch Routing

cHTML                 compact HTML

CID                      Channel ID

CIDR                    Classless InterDomain Routing

CIF                       Common Interleaved Frame

CKSN                   Ciphering Key Sequence Number

CL                                    Convergence Layer

CLDC                   Connected Limited Device Configuration

CLI                       Common Language Infrastructure

CLMS                   Connectionless Message Service

CM                       Call Management

CM                       Centralized Mode

CN                        Core Network

CN                        Correspondent Node

Cnf                       Confirmation

COA                     Care-Of Address

Codec                   Coder/decoder

COFDM                Coded OFDM

COMS                  Connection Oriented Message Service

CORBA                Common Object Request Broker Architecture

COS                      Cross Over Switch

CPM                     Continuous Phase Modulation

CPU                     Central Processing Unit

CRC                     Cyclic Redundancy Check

CS                                    CheckSum

CS                                    Coding Scheme

CSCW                  Computer Supported Cooperative Work

CSD                      Circuit Switched Domain

CSMA                  Carrier Sense Multiple Access

CSMA/CA                        CSMA with Collision Avoidance

CSMA/CD                        CSMA with Collision Detection

CT                                    Cordless Telephone

CTS                      Clear To Send

CU                        Capacity Unit

CVSD                   Continuous Variable Slope Delta

CW                       Contention Window

DA                       Destination Address

DAB                     Digital Audio Broadcasting

DAC                     Device Access Code

DAMA                 Demand Assigned Multiple Access

D-AMPS               Digital-AMPS

DBPSK                 Differential Binary PSK

DC                        Direct Current

DCA                     Dynamic Channel Allocation

DCC                     DLC user Connection Control

DCCH                  Dedicated CCH

DCF                      Distributed Coordination Function

DCS                      Digital Cellular System

DCS                      Dynamic Channel Selection

DDIB                    Duplicate Detection Information Base

DECT                   Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications

DES                      Data Encryption Standard

DFS                      Dynamic Frequency Selection

DFWMAC                        Distributed Foundation Wireless MAC

DH                       Diffie, Hellman

DHCP                   Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

DIFS                     DCF IFS

Disassoc                Disassociation

DLC                     Data Link Control

DM                       Direct Mode

DNS                     Domain Name System

DPCCH                Dedicated Physical Control CHannel

DPCH                   Dedicated Physical CHannel

DPDCH                Dedicated Physical Data CHannel

DQPSK                Differential QPSK

DRNC                  Drift RNC

DS                                    Distribution System

DSDV                   Destination Sequence Distance Vector

DSL                      Digital Subscriber Loop

DSMA                  Digital Sense Multiple Access

DSR                      Dynamic Source Routing

DSSS                    Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum

DT-HCPDU          DaTa-HCPDU

DTIM                   Delivery TIM

DTMF                   Dual Tone Multiple Frequency

DUCC                  DLC User Connection Control

DV                       Distance Vector

DVB                     Digital Video Broadcasting

DVB-C                 DVB-Cable

DVB-S                  DVB-Satellite

DVB-T                 DVB-Terrestrial

DVD                     Digital Versatile Disk

DVTR                   Digital Video Tape Recorder

ECDH                   Elliptic Curve Diffie Hellman

ECMA                  ECMA International - European association for standardizing information and communication systems (was: European Computer Manufacturers Association until 1994)

ECN                     Explicit Congestion Notification

EDGE                   Enhanced Data rates for [Global|GSM] Evolution

EDTV                   Enhanced Definition TV

EFI                       External Functionality Interface

EFR                      Enhanced Full Rate

EHF                      Extremely High Frequency

EIR                       Equipment Identity Register

EIRP                     Equivalent Isotropic Radiated Power

EIT                       Event Information Table

EMAS                   End-user Mobility-supporting ATM Switch

EMAS-E               EMAS-Edge

EMAS-N               EMAS-Network

EMF                     ElectroMagnetic Fields

EMS                     Enhanced Message Service

ESS                       Extended Service Set

ETSI                     European Telecommunications Standards Institute

EY-NPMA            Elimination-Yield Non-preemptive Priority Multiple Access

FA                                    Foreign Agent

FACCH                Fast Associated Dedicated CCH

FCA                      Fixed Channel Allocation

FCC                      Federal Communications Commission (USA)

FCCH                   Frame CCH

FCCH                   Frequency Correction CHannel

FCH                      Frame CHannel

FDD                     Frequency Division Duplex

FDM                     Frequency Division Multiplexing

FDMA                  Frequency Division Multiple Access

FEC                      Forward Error Correction

FFT                       Fast Fourier Transform

FHSS                    Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum

FIB                       Fast Information Block

FIC                       Fast Information Channel

FM                        Frequency Modulation

FOMA                  Freedom Of Mobile multimedia Access

FPLMTS               Future Public Land Mobile Telecommunication System

FR                                    Frame Relay

FR                                    Full Rate

FSK                      Frequency Shift Keying

FSLS                     Fuzzy Sighted Link State

FSR                      Fisheye State Routing

FT                         Fixed Radio Termination

FW                       ForWard

GEO                     Geostationary (or Geosynchronous) Earth Orbit

GFSK                    Gaussian FSK

GGSN                   Gateway GSN

GIF                       Graphics Interchange Format

GIPS                     Giga Instructions Per Second

GMM                    Global Multimedia Mobility

GMSC                   Gateway MSC

GMSK                  Gaussian MSK

GP                                    Guard Period

GPRS                    General Packet Radio Service

GPS                      Global Positioning System

GPSR                    Greedy Perimeter Stateless Routing

GR                        GPRS Register

GRE                      Generic Routing Encapsulation

GSM                     Groupe Spéciale Mobile, Global System for Mobile communications

GSN                      GPRS Support Node

GTP                      GPRS Tunnelling Protocol

GWL                     GateWay Link

HA                       Home Agent

HAP                     High-Altitude Platform

HBR                     High Bit-Rate

HC                        HIPERLAN CAC


HCQoS                 HIPERLAN CAC QoS

HCSAP                 HIPERLAN CAC SAP


HDA                     Hashed Destination HCSAP Address

HDACS                HDA CheckSum

HDB                     Home Data Base

HDLC                   High level Data Link Control

HDML                  Handheld Device Markup Language

HDTP                   Handheld Device Transport Protocol

HDTV                  High Definition TV

HEC                     Header Error [Control | Check]

HEO                     Highly Elliptical Orbit

HF                                    High Frequency

HI                         HBR-part Indicator

HIB                      Hello Information Base

HID                      HIPERLAN IDentifier

HIPERLAN          High-PERformance LAN

HLR                     Home Location Register

HM                       HIPERLAN MAC


HMQoS                HIPERLAN MAC QoS

HO                       HandOver


HP                                    HIPERLAN PHY

HR                        Half Rate

HSCSD                 High Speed Circuit Switched Data

HSDPA                High Speed Downlink Packet Access

HSR                      Hierarchical State Routing

HTML                  HyperText Markup Language

HTTP                   HyperText Transfer Protocol

IAC                      Inquiry Access Code

IAPP                    Inter Access Point Protocol

IBSS                     Independent BSS

ICMP                    Internet Control Message Protocol

ICO                      Intermediate Circular Orbit

ID                         IDentifier

IEEE                     Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

IETF                     Internet Engineering Task Force

IFS                        Inter Frame Spacing

ILR                       Interworking Location Register

IMEI                     International Mobile Equipment Identity

IMF                      Identity Management Function

IMS                      IP-based Multimedia Services

IMSI                     International Mobile Subscriber Identity

IMT                      International Mobile Telecommunications

IN                         Intelligent Network

IOT                       Isolation Only Transactions

IP                         Internet Protocol

IR                         InfraRed

IrDA                     Infrared Data Association

IS                          Interim Standard

ISDN                    Integrated Services Digital Network

ISI                                    InterSymbol Interference

ISL                       Inter Satellite Link

ISM                      Industrial, Scientific, Medical

ISMA                    Inhibit Sense Multiple Access

ISO                       International Organization for Standardization[1]

I-TCP                   Indirect TCP

ITU                       International Telecommunication Union

ITU-R                   ITU Radiocommunication sector

ITU-T                   ITU Telecommunication sector

IV                         Initialization Vector

IWF                      InterWorking Function

JCT                       Japanese Cordless Telephone

JDC                      Japanese Digital Cellular

JPEG                    Joint Photographic Experts Group

KID                      Key IDentifier

L2CAP                 Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol

LA                        Location Area

LAI                       Location Area Identification

LAN                     Local Area Network

LAP                      Lower Address Part

LAPC                   Link Access Procedure for the C-Plane

LAPD                   Link Access Procedure for the D-channel

LAPDm                 LAPD for mobile

LBR                      Low Bit-Rate

LC                                    Link Controller

LCCH                   Link Control CHannel

LCH                     Long transport CHannel

LED                      Light Emitting Diode

LEO                      Low Earth Orbit

LF                         Low Frequency

LI                         Length Indicator

LIR                       Least Interference Routing

LLC                      Logical Link Control

LM                       Link Manager

LMP                     Link Manager Protocol

Loc                       Location

LOS                      Line-Of-Sight

LR-WPAN                        Low-Rate WPAN

LRU                     Last Recently Used

LS                         Location Server

LS                         Link State

M-QoS                  Mobile QoS

MAC                    Medium Access Control

MACA                  Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance

MANET                Mobile Ad-hoc NETwork

MAP                     Mobile Application Part

MATM                 Mobile ATM

MBS                     Mobile Broadband System

MBWA                 Mobile Broadband Wireless Access

MCC                     Mobile Country Code

MCI                      Multiplex Configuration Information

MCM                    MultiCarrier Modulation

MEO                     Medium Earth Orbit

MExE                   Mobile Execution Environment

MF                        Medium Frequency

MFi                       Melody Format for i-mode

MH                       Mobile Host

MHEG                  Multimedia and Hypermedia information coding Experts Group

MIB                      Management Information Base

MIDI                    Musical Instrument Digital Interface

MIDP                   Mobile Information Device Profile

MIMO                  Multiple Input Multiple Output

MKK                    Radio Equipment Inspection and Certification Institute (Japan)

ML                       MSDU Lifetime

MM                      Mobility Management

MMF                    Mobility Management Function

MMS                    Multimedia Messaging Service§

MN                       Mobile Node

MNC                    Mobile Network Code

MOC                    Mobile Originated Call

MOT                     Multimedia Object Transfer

MPEG                   Moving Pictures Expert Group

MPLS                   Multi Protocol Label Switching

MQ                       Message Queuing

MS                        Mobile Station

MS                        Mobile Switch

MSAP                   MAC SAP

MSC                     Mobile (Services) Switching Centre

MSC                     Mobile Switch Controller

MSC                     Main Service Channel

MSDU                  MAC SDU

MSIN                    Mobile Subscriber Identification Number

MSISDN               Mobile [Station (International)|Subscriber] ISDN Number

MSK                     Minimum Shift Keying

MSRN                  Mobile [Station|Subscriber] Roaming Number

MSS                      Mobile Satellite [Service|System]

MT                       Mobile Terminal

MT                       Mobile Termination

MTC                     Mobile Terminated Call

M-TCP                 Mobile TCP

MTSA                   Mobile Terminal Security Agent

MUL                     Mobile User Link

NA-TDMA           North American-TDMA

NAV                     Net Allocation Vector

NAT                     Network Address Translator

NDC                     National Destination Code

NEMO                  NEtwork MObility

NFS                      Network File System

NIB                      Neighbour Information Base

NIT                       Network Information Table

NMAS                  Network Mobility-supporting ATM Switch

NMT                     Nordic Mobile Telephone

NNI                      Network-to-Network Interface

NNI+M                 NNI+Mobility

NRL                     Normalized Residual HMPDU Lifetime

NSA                     Network Security Agent

NSS                      Network and Switching Subsystem

NTSC                   National Television Standards Committee

OBEX                   OBject EXchange

OFDM                  Orthogonal FDM

OHG                     Operators Harmonisation Group

OLSR                   Optimized Link State Routing

OMC                    Operation and Maintenance Centre

OSI                       Open Systems Interconnection

OSS                      Operation Subsystem

OTA                     Over The Air

OVSF                   Orthogonal Variable Spreading Factor

PACS                   Personal Access Communications System

PACS-UB             PACS-Unlicensed Band

PAD                     PADding

PAD                     Program Associated Data

PAL                      Phase Alternating Line

PAP                      Push Access Protocol

PBCC                   Packet Binary Convolutional coding

PC                                    Personal Computer

PCF                      Point Coordination Function

PCH                     Paging Channel

PCM                     Pulse Code Modulation

PCS                      Personal Cellular System

PCS                      Personal Communications Service

PDA                     Personal Digital Assistant

PDC                     Pacific Digital Cellular

PDCP                   Packet Data Convergence Protocol

PDF                      Portable Document Format

PDN                     Public Data Network

PDO                     Packet Data Optimized

PDTCH                Packet Data TCH

PDU                     Protocol Data Unit

PEP                      Performance Enhancing Proxy

PHS                      Personal Handyphone System

PHY                     PHYsical layer

PI                         Push Initiator

PIFS                     PCF IFS

PIN                       Personal Identity Number

PKI                       Public Key Infrastructure

PLCP                    Physical Layer Convergence Protocol

PLI                       Padding Length Indicator

PLL                      Phase Lock Loop

PLMN                  Public Land Mobile Network

PLW                     PLCP-PDU Length Word

PM                       Phase Modulation

PMA                     Parked Member Address

PMD                     Physical Medium Dependent

POS                      Personal Operating Space

POTS                    Plain Old Telephone Service

PPG                      Push Proxy Gateway

PPM                     Pulse Position Modulation

PPP                      Point-to-Point Protocol

PRACH                Physical Random Access Channel

PRMA                  Packet Reservation Multiple Access

PS                         Power Saving

PSD                      Packet Switched Domain

PSF                       PLCP Signalling Field

PSK                      Phase Shift Keying

PSM                     Protocol/Service Multiplexor

PSN                      PDU Sequence Number

PSPDN                 Public Switched Packet Data Network

PSTN                    Public Switched Telephone Network

PT                                    Portable radio Termination

PTM                     Point-to-Multipoint

PTP                      Point-to-Point

PTP-CLNS           PTP-ConnectionLess Network Service

PTP-CONS           PTP-Connection Oriented Network Service

PUK                     PIN Unblocking Key

QAM                    Quadrature AM

QoS                      Quality of Service

QPSK                   [Quadrature | Quaternary] PSK

RA                        Receiver Address

RACH                  Random Access Channel

RAL                     Radio Access Layer

RAND                  Random number

RBCH                   RLC Broadcast CHannel

RCH                     Random CHannel

Req                       Request

Res                       Response

RF                                    Radio Frequency

RFCOMM             RF COMMunications

RFID                    RF IDentification

RFC                      Request For Comments

RFCH                   Random access Feedback CHannel

RIB                       Route Information Base

RIP                       Routing Information Protocol

RL                                    Residual Lifetime

RLC                      Radio Link Control

RLP                      Radio Link Protocol

RM                       Resource Management

RNC                     Radio Network Controller

RNS                      Radio Network Subsystem

ROM                    Read Only Memory

RPC                      Remote Procedure Call

RR                        Radio Resource

RRC                     Radio Resource Control

RRM                     Radio Resource Management

RSA                      Rivest, Shamir, Adleman

RSS                      Radio SubSystem

RT                                    Radio Transceiver

RTR                      Radio Transmission and Reception

RTS                      Request To Send

RTT                      Radio Transmission Technologies

RTT                      Round Trip Time

S-DMB                 Satellite-Digital Multimedia Broadcasting

SA                                    Source Address

SAAL                   Signalling AAL

SACCH                Slow Associated Dedicated CCH

SAMA                  Spread Aloha Multiple Access

SAP                      Service Access Point

SAT                      SIM Application Toolkit

SATM                   Satellite ATM Services

SC                                    Sanity Check

SC                                    Synchronization Channel

SCF                      Service Control Function

SCH                      Short transport CHannel

SCH                      Synchronization Channel

SCO                      Synchronous Connection-Oriented link

SCPS                    Space Communications Protocol Standards

SCPS-TP              SCPS-Transport Protocol

SDCCH                Stand-alone Dedicated CCH

SDM                     Space Division Multiplexing

SDMA                  Space Division Multiple Access

SDP                      Service Discovery Protocol

SDR                      Software Defined Radio

SDT                      Service Description Table

SDTV                   Standard Definition TV

SDU                     Service Data Unit

SEC-SAP              Security SAP

SEQN                   SEQuence Number

SFD                      Start Frame Delimiter

SFN                      Single Frequency Network

SGSN                    Serving GSN

SH                                    Supervisory Host

SHF                      Super High Frequency

SI                          Service Indication

SIFS                      Short IFS

SIG                       Signalling

SIM                      Subscriber Identity Module

SIP                       Session Initiation Protocol

SL                         Service Loading

SMF                      Standard MIDI File

SMRIB                 Source Multipoint Relay Information Base

SMS                      Short Message Service

SN                                    Subscriber Number

SNACK                Selective Negative ACKnowledgement

SNAP                   Sub-Network Access Protocol

SNDCP                 Subnetwork Dependent Convergence Protocol

SRES                    Signed Response

SRNC                   Serving RNC

SS                         Supplementary Service

SS7                       Signalling System No. 7

S-SAP                   Session-SAP

SSL                       Secure Sockets Layer

STA                      STAtion

SUMR                  Satellite User Mapping Register

SW                       Short Wave

SwMI                    Switching and Management Infrastructure

T                           Terminal

TA                        Transmitter Address

TBRPF                 Topology Broadcast based on Reverse Path Forwarding

TCH                     Traffic CHannel

TCH/F                  TCH Full rate

TCH/FS                TCH/F Speech

TCH/H                  TCH Half rate

TCH/HS                TCH/H Speech

TC-HMPDU         Topology Control-HMPDU

TCP                      Transmission Control Protocol

TCS BIN               Telephony Control protocol Specification - BINary

TD-CDMA           Time Division-CDMA

TDD                     Time Division Duplex

TDM                     Time Division Multiplexing

TDMA                  Time Division Multiple Access

TDT                      Time and Data Table

TE                                    Terminal

TEDDI                  TErms and Definitions Database Interactive

TETRA                 Terrestrial Trunked Radio

TFI                       Transport Format Identifier

TFO                      Tandem Free Operation

TFTS                    Terrestrial Flight Telephone System

TI                         Type Indicator

TIB                       Topology Information Base

TIM                      Traffic Indication Map

TINA                    Telecommunication Information Networking Architecture

TLLI                     Temporary Logical Link Identity

TLS                      Transport Layer Security

TM                       Traffic Management

TMN                     Telecommunication Management Network

TMSI                    Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity

TOS                      Type Of Service

TPC                      Transmit Power Control

TR-SAP                Transaction SAP

T-SAP                  Transport SAP

TSF                       Timing Synchronization Function

T-TCP                  Transaction TCP

TTC                      Telecommunications Technology Council

TTL                      Time To Live

TV                        TeleVision

U-NII                    Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure

UBCH                  User Broadcast CHannel

UBR                     Unspecified BitRate

UD                       User Data

UDCH                  User Data CHannel

UDP                     User Datagram Protocol

UE                        User Equipment

UHF                     Ultra High Frequency

UIM                      User Identification Module

UMCH                  User Multicast CHannel

UMTS                   Universal Mobile Telecommunications System

UN                       United Nations

UNI                      User-to-Network Interface

UNI+M                 UNI+Mobility

UP                                    User Priority

UPT                      Universal Personal Telecommunications

URI                      Uniform Resource Identifier

URL                     Uniform Resource Locator

USAT                   UMTS SAT

UTRA                   Universal Terrestrial Radio Access

UTRAN                UTRA Network

UUID                   Universally Unique ID

UWB                    Ultra WideBand

UWC                    Universal Wireless Communications

V+D                     Voice and Data

VAD                     Voice Activity Detection

VBR                     Variable BitRate

VBR-nrt                VBR non real-time

VBR-rt                  VBR real-time

VC                        Virtual Circuit

VCC                     Visitor Country Code

VDB                     Visitor Data Base

VHE                     Virtual Home Environment

VHF                     Very High Frequency

VLF                      Very Low Frequency

VLR                     Visitor Location Register

VNDC                  Visitor National Destination Code

W3C                     World Wide Web Consortium

WAE                    Wireless Application Environment

WAN                    Wide Area Network

WAP                    Wireless Application Protocol

WATM                 Wireless ATM

WCAC                  Wireless Connection Admission Control

W-CDMA             Wideband-CDMA

WCMP                 Wireless Control Message Protocol

W-CTRL               Wireless ConTRoL

WDP                    Wireless Datagram Protocol

WEP                     Wired Equivalent Privacy

WHO                    World Health Organization

WIM                     Wireless Identity Module

WLAN                  Wireless LAN

WLL                     Wireless Local Loop

WML                    Wireless Markup Language

WMLScript           Wireless Markup Language Script

WMT                    Wireless Mobile Terminal

WPAN                  Wireless Personal Area Network

WP-CDMA           Wideband Packet-CDMA

WRC                    World Radio Conference

WSP                     Wireless Session Protocol

WSP/B                  Wireless Session Protocol/Browsing

WTA                    Wireless Telephony Application

WTAI                   Wireless Telephony Application Interface

WTLS                   Wireless Transport Layer Security

WTP                     Wireless Transaction Protocol

WWAN                Wireless WAN

WWRF                 Wireless World Research Forum

WWW                  World Wide Web

XHTML                eXtensible HTML

XHTMLMP          XHTML Mobile Profile

XML                     eXtensible Markup Language

XOR                     eXclusive OR

ZRP                      Zone Routing Protocol


[1] This is not the ‘International Standards Organization’ or the ‘International Standardization Organization’ or whatever some authors write. ISO is not an acronym, but is derived from the Greek word isos which means equal as used (as prefix) in isometric, isomorphic etc. (http://www.iso.ch/).